Impossible scores in Bounty leaderboard?

Hi Folks, I was wondering if someone can help me understand how people can get to 3M+ points about 11 hours after the Bounty event is live.

That’s a little over 500 games in 660 minutes or 39600 seconds. That comes to about 80 seconds per game.

Going through the loading and victory screens and getting to the next game takes easily 15 seconds. That means a single game has to complete in just about a minute. Without any pause. Since the event launched.

Is this a legit score? If so, how? Or are we dealing with people just sending victory POST requests to the Gems of War server?

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Some people can do under a minute per fight with weapon and with the captain eating nagas for dinner it’s doable without a weapon. unhealthy maybe, but doable…

With a weapon though, the max points you can get are 4800. That means that you’re looking at at least 630 games total. (619 games if you’d managed to always get 4800 points, which is also not possible). 39600/630 is 62 seconds for selecting a game, winning it, going through load screens, skipping victory screens, and going back to selecting a new game.

Maybe if they make all battles Mythic and gain 3x on all attributes? That should one-shot everything, but… I haven’t tried how long that takes for a game.

When you buy a ton of Power Potions all you have to do is cast each troop once for an insta-kill against each opponent. Pretty easy to churn-through at that point :man_shrugging:


@Magnusimus totally true and what is most likely the case here! I was looking at this too much from a poor mans perspective :joy:

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Here’s 10 battles (including load times) with a Pure-Bounty team (hero could speed things up maybe, if the time-saved outweighs the points-lost) after a Tier VI purchase (meaning most enemies have to be two-shot, and aren’t in range to die from a single skull hit, either).

If I had bought power potions to make enemies die in a single cast or skull-hit, I think it would be completely reasonable to expect the times shown to be reduced 30-50%.

I wasn’t playing too hard for these ten minutes, so the pace is one I could maintain if I wanted — it’s just way too boring to want to, I think, unless there’s good reason to (like a cheap-to-join Power Orb tie, which this event isn’t looking to be :man_shrugging:).

EDIT also to say sorry for the mis-matched photos. Couldn’t figure out how to get each lap in sequential order and on my phone’s screen at the same time for the same screenshot :laughing:

EDIT 2 to ask : can you guess which battles had the devour proc, and which lap was hit by a massive Potion-Bug cascade? :joy:


So, totally possible on lower tier buy also. Guessing that 0:50 was succesful potion gem explosion - - > devour(s) and skull hit(s) with devourish attack stats on naganator? :joy:

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Yeah, in all the ~50 second battles the devour happened. So in a roundabout way we can see that the troop is eating about 50% of the time for me — right on with expectations :+1:

Lets not fool ourselves. Ofc there is cheaters at the leaderboards.


Is your position, in the face of my evidence to the possibility of easily being able to complete these battles with about-a-minute averages, even before buying Power Potions, really going to be, “Nah, bro — they’re cheating.”

Because if that’s the case, it’s a position based on feelings rather than facts — and not nice feelings, at that. They’re not charitable. They’re not kind. They’re not right.

Nor would the other possibility be — that you think I somehow cheated or have manufactured false data. Neither is true.

And it is pig-headed and wrong to deny, in the face of reason, a disliked reality.

Empiricism brought about the Enlightenment.

Live an evidence-based life and you’ll be better off for it.


I really, really doubt that. It’s much more likely that they’re just playing the matches that fast.


Imo this is just a nice example of getting the first place in these kinda events. Make a huge score real fast and leave others counting their gems and spare time, while showing you really want that orb. Add the fact that you have no idea how much more the leader will do if someone gets even close and… works for me! I am just going for all the reward tiers, but anyway, that’s how you do it, no reason to give others even false hope.


Thanks for posting your times. I can’t get matches to finish reliably that fast, but then again, I also don’t have every possible kingdom/guild boost. Doing some more math:
For more exact numbers, minimum number of games necessary to hit 3015000 points: (3015000-60000)/6000)+19=512 (rounded up).

Assuming an average of 70 per game, this comes to 36470 seconds. I assume that I checked after 10.5 hours had elapsed in the event, this means that that player had a buffer of 38700-35840=2860 seconds or about 50 minutes of buffer time.

Is it possible to one-shot everything in under 70 seconds?

Total number of Tier VII buys necessary to be able to play 521 games on the first day: ((521-32)-(2*521/3))/10= 15 (rounding up, again).
15 Tier VII Potions of Power comes to +105 to all stats.

Given that the first troop has tough scales, that won’t be enough to randomly use skulls to oneshot the front-line. The only troop to oneshot anything at that level is still Tigraki warrior. You could conceivably run 3 tigraki warriors and one Nagatrap to oneshot 3 out of 4 troops, and then just count on luck to eliminate the last one. This means at max speed, I can see times dropping to an average of 50-60 seconds per lap even without one-shotting everything.

Mmh. Math means it’s possible without Mythic battles, even if expensive and ludicrously strenuous.

It’s not even all that expensive. The sigil buys would clock in at about 4k gems. That just happens to be a $100 buy of gems, or just about a month of patience.

Thanks for the help in figuring this out. My baselines times especially made me suspicious of that result, but… money and time are no issue for some people, and it’s now shown to be mathematically possible.

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@igniteice denying that you might as well go ahead and say that the game has zero cheaters. As events is a big thing in the game - so there will likely be cheaters in the events leaderboards as well by a pretty good chance. As I said, lets not fool ourselves.

@KGF There will always be a great handful of slow matches which would kill the average speeds that has been said, especially going full bounty teams. To think that you can do 100s of Bounty matches with no matches being slow is unreal to me. Going full bounty team will have slow matches, and it will “happen”, not a rare case, so at least we have one cheater on PC/Mobile this round if not more. And hear me on this, these slow matches will just KILL the flow and the avg times that people have come up with in this thread. Don’t buy into everything that get said on these boards. People as Metagross guy have many times solid points, but also him is wrong sometimes - we are humans after all. :+1:

Don’t forget to factor in Nysha medals and endgame bonus stats like Renown bonuses, max kingdoms, etc — put those on top of the additional stats the power potions give, and I promise Corpse Mare, Rift Lynx, Soldier of Wrath, and Tigraki Warrior are all more than capable of one-shotting (and they’ll have a guaranteed cast regardless of the board, thanks to enchant potions).

Really, in this event, what would slow a person who made that 4k gem investment (which many endgame accounts like mine can do easily — the only money I’ve ever spent on the game is the $10 passes and I have 75kish gems, so 4k of them would basically be negligible to me as an expense as long as I didn’t do it every week, and I am by no means the person with the biggest stash) is the bounty captain, since he only does “true damage” if he successfully devours :joy:

And there’s also Sister of Shadows that hits 2 enemies and Wood Rhynax that does splash damage. The fact that they’ve “only” used 15x T7 worth of sigils does not means that’s how many they’ve bought, so the bonus could be much higher and they are saving a bunch for tomorrow.

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LOL All of the talking/typing can cease if folks can just post a few vids of completing a level 20 match in a minute or less.

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But that’s no fun. Who needs evidence of things? That’s why blind assertions are where it’s at!

In all seriousness though, that would have this thread over in like 2 seconds.

[6778,6729,7048,1233,3063,2,2,2,3,1,3,3,14023] with one anu two nysha medal

just try,you will know how long per fight even no need red banner

three shoot crossbow then finished, for thoes buy 4k+ games maybe one or two shoot

only need to change leader for next time

so please think clear before saying cheating

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