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Bounty Advice Needed

With the next Bounty event being tomorrow, I wanted to figure something out.

I’ve seen in previous events that people climbed high on the leaderboard by doing the same bounty over and over without advancing to the next one.

How was that done?

Basically, as you go higher, Bounty fight are harder, so you use less Bounty troops to win.

So they calculate the highest level winnable with the most bounty troops.

Okay, but that doesn’t explain how they camp out at that level instead of being auto pushed to the next tier?

There is no auto push in Bounty. You can actually select the fight you want, even lower levels.


Players are able to pick all 20 stages if they finish them all, unlike Delve.

Also, even stage 20 are quite easy using 3 Bounty troops, and Dawnbringer. Especially with double skull damage theme this past few times, it really make the match much quicker.

I still haven’t bothered to get DB yet.

I didn’t realise you could repick previously completed faction levels.
Whenever I’ve clicked on them it wouldn’t let me.

Am i missing something?

Wait, bounty or faction?

Bounty (10 chars)

Yeah you can just hit 16 or 18 or whichever you want. There’s typically a level that is particularly easy to beat by comparison.

I guess what I’m also asking is can you hit level X over and over even after you’ve passed it and hit level Z?

I’m probably being grossly stupid here but bear with me folks…

Yes, you can.

You have to clear lvl10 before you can play lvl11, and so on. But you can play any level you’ve beaten (plus the one above) as you want.

I’m sure someone will post an appropriate level to hit within a few hours of the event going live (in 20mins).

Confirmed; I am an idiot! :rofl:

Thank you… :smiley:

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