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Almost 100K bounty points in a hour!


WOW! This gotta be a record? Bounty has only been opened for a hour.

How are console players doing so far, @Santandrix ? so we can have a comparison.


Wow! That’s amazing. I didn’t even think it was possible!




Xbox is 72,720



20 minutes later. 257k points is the lead. Amazing! :open_mouth:


I looked not too long ago and almost 300K or something ridiculous


Seems pretty suspect to me.


Mythic bounty captain: +12 multiplier
Mythic bounty troop: +6 multiplier
Another mythic bounty troop: +6 multiplier
Tough enough troop to reliably win: no change to multiplier
Base score for stage 20: 200

Summing it all up: (12 + 6 + 6) * 200 = 4800 points each battle

300000 / 4800 = 62.5 fights. Ignoring the part to get you to stage 20 and assuming one fight each minute that’s roughly one hour. What makes you think this is pretty suspect?

One minute per fight with three bounty troops against level 100(?) foes is pretty spectacular. If this weren’t a zero-sum event, I’d wish for that person to share the team they used—they clearly cracked the code for this week’s lineup. (Comedy option: I suppose it’s also possible they cracked the code of the game, but I would prefer to think otherwise until/unless the devs check and find something suspicious.)


It seems fishy, not sure if there is some way to speed up the game and improve your battle time.

There is a way to speed up the game. For instance, you can set the speed to x4. Doing this, while having a full team of fully upgraded troops, while taking part in an event that basically has a static farm team, will improve your battle time.

One minute per match I can believe in PvP.

One minute per match I do not buy in Bounty Hunt. The troops are not that efficient, particularly when facing the troops at high bounty levels.



@Santandrix @mld-81 how does console leaderboards for bounties looks like now?


I dread to think :joy: I’ve only been on gems to do my tasks and guild wars today, too busy with RL and finding a small amount of time for rdr2. I’ll leave it for @Santandrix to help with an update :+1:

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This is Xbox now


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Expect #1 to go double that to over 1 million. Battles less than 1 minute is doable, so these are totally legit.

Can’t spell legit, without a L, I, and E. :grinning:

By now the player in question would have to be checked out by the devs. If they are Cheating then they are dumb for making it this obvious. So we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. And if they stay at #1 at weekly reset then the devs then haven’t found he or she to be cheating. So wait and see I guess. 🤷

For this bounty quick teams can be built to rip through level 20 and there are people playing who are way smarter than me building teams.

They are not cheating. But the devs will probably be on the nerf hunt.

Bounty is already on its last legs and the last few bounties have been made easier already. If they nerf it anymore, almost no one is going to touch it.

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Using what team? I switched to Yao Guai and battles are taking me at least 3 minutes and I’m losing more than I’m winning.

My guess is they are using Tigraki Warrior who does bonus true damage based on the armor… other than that, no clue.