Impossible scores in Bounty leaderboard?

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Gems = Money. Its a PAY and grind game. Otherwise it a crawl and grind game. Or maybe read Cruel and grind; given its RNG makeup.

Just post a simple clip of this team clearing a level 20 in a minute or less please.

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Or ten matches in a row where the team takes a minute or less in the average. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Exactly! I want to see this!

If I had purchased enough sigils to do this many games, I would have a staggering amount of power from Powers of Power, upwards of 100 magic, if not vastly more. You’d literally one shot enemies.

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Since it’s sooo “difficult” for folks to post a few simple clips of completing level 20 bounty matches within a “minute or less”, I’m gonna post a few clips of my matches completing in roughly 2 minutes.

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It isn’t so much difficult as… Why?

I was thinking of doing that today for you, but didnt have time. I did bounty while doing other stuff, so I couldnt rush it.

The last few bounty events I bought only T5 and on average, get 55s when you click To Battle and when the last troop dies. Maybe add ten seconds for the victory screen and clicking bounty level 20 again. Thats roughly a minute without any T7.

Team is Black Manacles, Crysturtle, Plainsjumper, and whatever the captain is. Use any class you are levelling.

So of course someone buying lots of T7 is going to be way faster. They can one shot!

If you want to prove it to yourself, record your own battle. Assume you can one shot so subtract all the time it took to kill the enemy beyond your first hit.


it is very nice we have brain

but someone never use it when they cant understand, so they call cheating


Some simple math:

when i’m doing GaP, i’m able to run about 60+ battles during that 15 minutes period. (so roughly 15s per battle)
that time includes:

  • loading times before and after battle
  • casting Dust Devil
  • opponent taking a match
  • casting 2nd Dust Devil
  • every 5/6 battles i need to do extra taps for explore UI

I’m 100% sure, with enough potions of power, you could get hero with aoe weapon, that would 1shot whole bounty team with 1st cast. Just pick hero with Fast talent (50% mana start) - and 50% of time you’ll get your weapon filled after initial explosions. Other 50% you’ll have a simple match 3-4 that would fill your weapon.

That makes me think, getting those 4800 points in 20s(or less) is doable…
so that gives slightly below 15k/minute.

3mln / 15k = 200 minutes…(3mln /14.4k = 208 minutes) that’s not even 4 hours… and we’re talking about 11… which means… that getting those 1shot games in less maniac time discipline (we’re talking about 4hrs of instant clicking/tabbing your device)… I can see it could be done.

It’ would require both: unhealthy attitude (to force yourself into sitting 4hrs+ constantly clicking same battle over and over again), unhealthy spending → unless you have few thousands of gems to trow away…

Another simple question? How many battles would you need to do:
208 *3 (minutes required, with 3 battles per minute) = 624 sigils to get… how much gems would you have to spend (assuming you’re getting 2 free sigils every 4rd/5th battle → it’s probably more often, 4 free sigils usualy transform into 10-12 battles during bounty). I’m to lazy to count that, but you can count yourself…

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Not a leaderboard runner ever, but it’s pretty fair to one shot. As it stands, at T6 with Elite Gold TW and 3 Nysha, I only needed 8-10 more damage to kill most of the troops when at full armour. So even a T7 x 2 would do that. I almost always use War Elephant/Corpse Mare/TW and whatever captain anyway. Elephant boosts magic each cast, and Corpse Mare is more or less unkillable by anything they field.

And as @sytro says, you could buy enough tiers to 1 shot all pretty easy with hero weapon.