Bounty event max score?

The leaderboard right now for the Bounty event is crazy:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tie so close to the top of the leaderboard, let alone a five way tie for first place. What on earth is happening here? Does the game eventually say “lol, nope, no more Tier VII purchases for you”? Was there some sort of bizarre collusion to guarantee that five Orbs of Power were awarded this week?


Edit: to be clear, I am not accusing anyone of cheating. These scores seem reasonable for players who had a lot more time this weekend than I have. I am just amazed.

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Truce of War! or Gems of Truce?
No need to spend a billion gems and fight over it.
Since it is still allowed for everyone to get the prize

  1. There’s a max score for bounty, but that’s tied to how much you can score in 72 hours. Not something I want to find out.

  2. I wouldn’t call it bizarre or a collusion. A mutual agreement.

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I’ve seen folks in my guild basically having flawless scores this week (even if its nowhere near that… volume), so this doesn’t surprise me quite as much as it normally would.

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That’s what is bizarre about it. All it takes is one person to break the stalemate and four people get shafted. It takes a lot of trust in the others to be willing to risk an Orb of Power.

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The combination of potions and now Man-at-Arms, makes bounty mode a fairly trivial experience. This makes achieving a designated score rather easy… as long as no one backstabs the rest in the last moments of the event.

It’s been happening on other platforms for at least a year now. I think the top 5 in any event deserve a Power orb, or at the very least a guaranteed Ascension orb.
Whether the OP is calling these folks out or not. It’s not collusion since the devs have no issue with this being done. I’m sure they would prefer it not to happen. But they haven’t made it explicitly against the rules.
Obviously, they are more concerned about Gems being exploited than Power Gems. And since Gems (hopefully :heavy_dollar_sign:) are required to get Power Gems. It fits in the model of these events being pay to win as intended.

TL:DR everyone wins except second place, maybe second place should learn to communicate better to be part of the group. (Not the second place in the photo, a generalization of the position.)

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I was gonna to tie with u guys.
But I already got zully. But stuff like this I love seeing.
And yes it takes a lot of trust.
Did u guys go pure bounty on it?

Definitely not my intention. I was mostly wondering if there was some max allowed value for “Sigils bought”.

Brief aside: in SteamVR, there is a maximum rotation speed the software will register. Any faster and the engine assumes it’s high-frequency noise or a glitch in the processing software, and it ignores it; it’s basically the limit of what is reasonable for a human being to do intentionally. The SteamVR devs have had to increase this limit (maybe twice, I forget) because Beat Saber players have pushed beyond what the devs thought was humanly possible (maybe twice, I forget).

I was curious if a similar thing was happening here. If someone had long ago set some maximum and left it alone under the impression “nobody will ever get this far, so it doesn’t matter”. Until it does.

Last week a Faction player did over 15 million points.
I think it’s safe to assume there’s no such limit.
@en9nhcet is the only one I’ve ever heard of “breaking the game” due to exceeding the parameters. I think it just kept him from doing PvP. I’m guessing because the game didn’t know how to Match make with a level 2k player.

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The tie is broken! I don’t know why but it amuses me. Wonder what all these players are going to do. Will they chase new leader? Will a new tie will be formed? Maybe it will be for 2 major orbs and not for Power Orb?

Inside thoughts
Hmm… How do I talk about current #1 being banned before for cheating, but UNbanned a few days later. Without violating any guidelines. I guess I can’t."

Outside thoughts

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The record is still on xbox 8 tie but all in the same team.
Im not sure i would trust someone in another team

That’s… 300+ sigils worth of play?

There comes a point where encouraging this kind of thing is really unhealthy.

The record is up to 15 now, last Thursday’s class event.


It seems the consoles players are more civilised and honorable then PC Mobils players


I do hope xbox players will pull off a 20+ way tie image


Any folks who want to cheat or hack the game unfortunately usually do it on PC. Though 98% of the community there is great. 2% are the worst of the worst. Their actions show that in volumes.


It’s a heck of a lot easier to cheat on PC and Android than any other platform, so they attract more cheaters.

To cheat, you generally need to run some software. The software either modifies GoW’s memory space, GoW itself, or maybe just intercepts the network requests and modifies them.

You can easily configure a PC or Android device to run any code, so if you write your own hacking tools they work. On every other platform, the device will only run code that has been signed by the platform’s app store. It’s exceptionally hard to get around this limitation, and it’s definitely not something anyone’s reproduced arbitrarily. There’s homebrew/jailbreaking, but it also tends to make easily-detectable modifications to the system that games detect and consider prima facie cheating. (I think this is one reason why Android emulators work for GoW but are stated as “not supported”, it’s likely they’ll accidentally trigger anti-cheat detection code.)

Other than that, I’ve seen no evidence that any one platform is “better” than the others in terms of civility and honor. “One bad apple ruins the bunch” but when it comes to gaming communities, the bad apples can be so bad you get food poisoning from the bad apple even if you don’t open the barrel. You can just see the tendrils of evil expanding from it like the Corruption in Terraria.

Is it even possible to cheat on Xbox One and PS4? I know it’s not possible with GTA.