Bounty event

You know what really grinds my gears, I have been doing my bounty daily. And have little points to show for it. I am using skelly and a full bounty team. But there is no way i can compete with the top guy. He had over a million points the first day 5 hours into it. He now has over 3 million. There is no way that is possible… i mean how? It takes the fun out of the game when it becomes a competition just to get a few orbs of chaos and those hard to come by orb of power. Makes me not want to play. These types of events suck the joy out of it for me. Because when you need over 300 thousand just to get place 99 is infuriating. And that my friends is what really grinds my gears.

There are other ways to get both. A lot of the people on the leader boards are paid. A lot of them pay a lot. Top spot is probably close to VIP 20. How much are you spending to fight for that top spot?


By buying more event energy. You get 20 sigils from shop tier 7, and you can buy it as often as you want.

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Is this a misexpression, or do you actually think, there are players, who pay others to play for them?
I admit, I sometimes suspect that too. Especially on vault weekends, hiring a chinese gold farmer for account sitting may end up way cheaper than what whales normally pay…

I meant people who pay a lot of money, whales if you will

I had the top score for this past bounty, and no one paid me anything nor was my score over 2 mil.

I’m level V.I.P. 20 have been for awhile. But still takes the fun out of it honestly.

Then don’t?

It just means others have either saved up and/or are even more willing to spend compared to you and also have the time, passion and ability to play more matches.

Very sad vip20 $$$ doesn’t ensure rank1 in events without proper effort. :wink: