Impossible guild war failure

Today is still Tuesday, the first day of guild war. But I got a failure on day 2, which is impossible and an obvious bug. I am the member of Tyrant, one of the bracket 1 guild, so every guild war matters. Please check this.

iOS system
iPhone 6s

Maybe it caused by an exit from the pet rescue battle, but I am not sure.


Look at it this way:

If you get your full 5 sigils tomorrow, you technically got some bonus points for this “loss”. Bank error in your favor.

Wow a new bug with gw…


It’s not a new bug at all, it’s happened a few times before but not recently. Speaking from personal experience you won’t get anything credited back despite it being an obvious bug - I hope for your guild’s sake it doesn’t affect your placing :+1:t2:

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A member of Tyrant you say?

Best those pesky Devs get their backsides in gear for this higher member of society.

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wow, first time ever we have had a Tyrant player here ever. :open_mouth:
Congrats to you and your guild mates that has won Guild Wars in Bracket 1 several times. Well done! :trophy: :1st_place_medal: You are truly the best.

It is worse that I got no bonus points

Shit happens

I had the same problem, but I had continued battles and on finish everything had normal, maybe this is only visual bug

It really should be renamed bug wars


Are you really that insecure that you think it is necessary to hide your scores and results of the rest of your guild?

No, but my score and guild scoring are our private matter :wink: maybe not everyone would have wished for it so I am very asking for understanding but I can reveal first digit for you

for you @Taliesin :wink:


Gw is not life or death to need to keep scores or records private. It is not like anyone can do anything with them. People take gw way way way to seriously.


Hummm, compensation only equals to one PvP battle rewards.

I swear… “The forums keepers” should’ve been the guild name. Not too late to change it @Macawi. :grinning:

Just like I said, shit happens.
I lost neither the points reward of the first battle nor the 2000 defense points.

We don’t have the functionality to award Guild Wars points or scores for lost battles. I really wish we could, but the score has already been sent from your device, logged to the server, and forwarded to various other games. The best we can do is send you compensation and fix the bug.

Note; I’ve removed MoonBall’s posts that show screenshots from support, if this looks a bit out of context

I’ll speak to @Eika about sharing the same view as me on this particular topic.
Hopefully it won’t happen again.


You sure about that?
Or did the 2k kick into your final score?
Cause it doesn’t show in your first match.

I wish those BLOODY Keepers would stay the HECK out of the forums. Sort it out, @Macawi!