I'm so impatient, and I bet you are too

I’m not the only one. Ever since they allowed us to have the “Cast” screen up while the enemy finishes their turn with the game still running at full 4x speed in the background, I sit there waiting to hit that Cast button…

And I’m just waiiiiiiiiting for the AI to finish their turn so I can hit that cast button. DO IT, DO IT NOW, COME ON, DO ITTTTT!!!


When there’s goblins or other loopies I sit there madly tapping the grayed-out cast button :joy:


I’d say this accounted for like half of my clicks during Gnome-A-Palooza events, just clicking on Leprechaun until it registered.

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Boy was that awesome during GaP event! I could keep the Sister Superior card selected as the traits were loading.

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Thanks to that feature. I am doing about 63 battles during GAP because of that feature.

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Mir gehen erhrlich gesagt die ganzen Klickereien zwischen den Kämpfen auf die Nerven da dauern die Ladezeiten immer Ewig und wenn dan erst noch der boss und der myth.Boss mit Truhe und dazu noch ein Levelanstieg kommen werden die Kämpfe zur Nebensache, in einem Palooza verbraucht man so wertvolle Zeit !

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I wish they will add “double click = spell cast” option to the game.