One Small Note of Positivity

In the miasma of grumbling over the patch/doomskull changes (myself included), I would like to momentarily call out a nice Quality of Life update that I just noticed by accident that seems to have slipped under the radar.

– In 3.3, when attempting to cast a spell, if it was still the opponent’s turn or the board was still resolving, the cast button would be grayed out (correctly). However, the player had to close the casting screen and re-enter it to “reset” the cast button for the spell.

– In 3.4, if the attempt to cast a spell is still early, the game will auto-update and update the casting button to ready status as soon as the board finishes resolving and the player can make the next move.

Thank you for this fix (which I didn’t even know was a “bug” until today, as I was so used to closing out pre-emptive casting attempts in the past)! :smiley:


agreed, love this

Thank you for noticing. :slight_smile:


Always been like this on console so it’s hard to notice :stuck_out_tongue:

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I saw this too, its fantastic. Mercy starts and the opponent is just traiting up and you sit there… then you’re good.

The one thing I do notice about it is when you have that screen open the battle moves at x1 speed rather than x4.

Yeah this is a nice QoL change, but I’m not sure why it slows down the board speed to x1 in the background, as @zlitalien pointed out above.

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I noticed this too and thought it was great. There’s only one small wrinkle that makes me completely ignore it: If you’re playing on 4x speed, while the you’ve got the spell details up the game reverts to 1x speed (at least on PC). Given how lucky the AI seems on cascades, it makes their turns just last way too long.

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The slowing down of the game by selecting a castable spell has been in the game for a while, so far it just didn’t really matter(on PC). With this QoL change let’s just hope that the Devs also get rid of the slow down soon.

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