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I'm looking for top XBOX ONE guild to join. 40k seal, GW serious

My gamertag is ItsDaveDude. I get full seals and top guild wars points every week. I can contribute up to 500k gold a week, but I have a few kingdoms to level, so I’d like to finish that first. I am in the 200s levelwise.

I’d like to find a guild that finishes all tasks each week and hit 40k seals and does well in Guild Wars. Please msg me at ItsDaveDude or leave your gamertag here to tell me about your guild.


How many kingdoms do you need to level? What is your average guild war score?

Squirrels of Rage would be happy to recruit you. We are PVP rank 31, and in bracket 5 in guild wars. We are low stress, but active. Post back if you would like an invite.

Thanks! My invite code is JohnnyBigJack_2VPK

I apologize to get back to you so late here. I can get you that invite if you are still interested.