Player Need Guild

Looking for a guild. I have all my Kingdoms done can do max seals, 500K and 300 Trophies minimum.

Need one who has 40K seals, Legendary Tasks and Close Portals.

I’m a team player.

We have a new spot open in the Dazzelbush Bandits. Please see our thread on this forum page for more research. We exceed what you are looking for. We do many legendary tasks and complete all portals in all events. We are a guild filled with highly active players. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, your level, the parts of the game you enjoy the most, and parts you prefer not to play.

I like all the events except Guild Wars. I do Guild Wars to help the team but it’s boring fighting only 5 troops.

Boss raid my Favourite. Average around 40K damage.

I’m level 487 all Kingdoms 10 and 555 Troops.

Hey Scorpion!
Guild master here :grinning: What’s your gamertag? I may be typing your name in wrong.
Are you currently in a guild?