Seeking guild with 30K-40K weekly seals

I’m an active player, level 294, who maxes my seals every week and plays GW. I’d like to join a guild that reaches 30K-40K seals per week. Not looking for high pressure (top 50), but a guild filled with players who pull their weight would be perfect.

Invite code: GRISWALD
Thank you!

Hi there,
We have slots open in Angry Sprockets, sister guild of Mean Machine (top 20 rank). We almost always do 40k seals per week and requirements are 1,500 seals and all GWs played. I’ll send an invite shortly

Hey, you are already part of a guild!

Sounds great, thanks.

Strange- I left my old guild before I posted my note, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

I guess you have to restart the game after you leave a guild for it to register globally.

I believe OP is looking for a guild on the Xbox One and not on PC/mobile?:grinning:

Yes- Xbox one!

If you have open spaces, I’d like to join too. My code is PUSH RULZ_FQNN

Vasilisk’s guild is on mobile/PC, not Xbox one. I ended up joining DARKGUILD. Seems like a strong active guild so far- I think they may still have some open spots for active players (look for their post in this forum).

Are you already in a guild? Our guild is searching active members. Friendly folks to help each other.