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Squirrels of Rage is recruiting

Squirrels of Rage is looking for some new members. We are currently rank 32 in PVP, and in bracket 5 in guild wars. We are a low stress guild that is looking for active players to help us progress further. We only require that you participate in guild wars, and try to help out with seals and gold as you can.

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Hey folks, we are still looking to fill some guild spots. Post if you are interested in joining!

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This is a great guild to join, they even welcome productive newcomers :wink:

Can you tell me a good teamfor pvp

I play every day. Invite code is bubrulez, i have been in guild around 70th place, time to move up and get better rewards

sorry , that was my pc/mobile invite code, my xbox one is MOMLOV

I tried to send an invite, but it says you are already in a guild. Let me know if you are still interested in joining us when you can.

sorry, forgot i had to quit the guild i was in, please try again

ok thanx, i got it

Hey guys, we still have openings. Post if you are interested in joining us!

pm rickseattle12

Still looking?