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I'm finally free of the Valkyrie ball and chain

I only have 11 troops left that aren’t at max level and only 8 of those need 10 or more levels. I finally feel like I can build teams that don’t contain Valkyrie and I’m loving it.

Right now I’m running a Royals team:

Emperor Khorvash / Lion Prince / Queen Ysabelle / Lady Anariel


Congrats on expressing your freedom of choice Htismaqe! It’s awesome and i’m so happy for you.

Have an icecream on the house friend. Reserved for those that do the best of things.


It feels nice until you realize the strength and synergy of Blue Troops and use Valkyrie again because she’s the Blue transformer


Lady Anariel fills blue and green, which fills Ysabelle, which in turn fills everybody partially. Lion Prince explodes a row which also helps a bit. Overall, mana isn’t much of an issue and the life/armor buffs from Ysabelle and Anariel more than offset the loss of Valk.

Is it optimal? Probably not, but it sure as hell is fun!

I really thought this was going to be a “How much we love the Dragon Soul” thread.

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It’s sort of ironic that I now have hundreds of thousands of surplus Souls and yet my go-to teams have Valk and TDS in them – for the utility alone…


Yes I have noticed the same…

I envy the freedom, wish I could say the same…I need like about 200k more souls lol.

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Yeah, I still use TDS but not really for the souls. And while it’s true Valk still has utility, it feels like I’ve been using her since the very beginning. I just can’t use her anymore, she’s old and worn out.

You gained freedom from her 6 hours before the big soul-patch ^^

Welcome to the club of “play this game like you like, you dont need valk”! :grin: