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Queen Ysabelle might be human and a knight but

I tried Queen Ysabelle in a human team and a knight team, even a human/knight team and the teams where kind of weak as human and knight teams are a bit weak. So I went and ignored her 3rd trait.

Once you do that you can put her into a team like:
Queen Ysabelle

Now this is a Daemon team she rocks in.
Gorgotha is the best tank and mana generator in the game.
Abynissia gives attack to war
War gives attack to War
Queen gives attack to War and lets them survive longer.
Get the Desert Banner to get your mana engine going.

Once you get going it starts to steam roll fast.

Has anyone found a powerful human or knight team that does better than the Queen inside a Daemon team?

What I have found is humans need a bit of a buff. The Queen is a good start but she needs better support human knights.

might be a little off topic but i wish to find a synergy for queen with any mana generator xD

valkyrie theoretically matches colors but practically makes it a dead end for any practical attack boost usage

and dragon soul doesnt synergise as ysabel isnt a dragon neither does dragon soul use attack

somethig like keeper of souls or necromancer maybe if they made more souls then they do… hopefully some buff…

I’m still messing around with Spooky Imp, but I would assume this would work pretty well fully traited:
Queen Ysabelle
Queen Ysabelle
Queen Ysabelle

Just watch out for Bone Dragons.

stacking ysabelle is below my dignity :stuck_out_tongue:
but yeah the sadest thing is that the most synergy ysabelle has only with herself…

joking aside toss there any skull generator XD

You can alternatively put Mercy to the 4th slot for quicker mana generation of Valkyrie and removal of negative effects.