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Help (Queen Ysabelle)

So I went against a team that was 4 Queen Ysabelles (It was Sister so understandable)

But, instead of gaining 8 armor per turn, they gained 8 at the start of their turn and my turn.

4 of them can heal 16 Armor per turn. I was firing off every turn and they were outhealing.

True damage.

You’re welcome.

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Ture damage, Bone Dragon, Grave Knight, Mang hero weapon, transform, poison, and stun.


I realize that, but is it supposed to get 16 armor per turn or 8? I could deal with 8, I do 10+ damage to all enemies per turn. 16 armor is insane.

Yep the third trait specifically states “gain 2 armor at the start of EACH turn”. Surprised me too!

The third trait on Famine/Death is worded exactly the same, yet they only trigger on the start of their own turn, not the opponent’s, so that excuse is out.


If it’s supposed to act like that it should be reworded to “start of each players turn”

I’m not sure that’s intentional.

Gorgotha / Crimson Bat / Crescendo / Mercy.

True damage all the way. The Queens just accumulate armor way too fast.

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If her trait is triggering on both players’ turns, that’s a bug.

Quick question about this: Is it only happening when facing an AI Queen Ysabelle or are you guys seeing it when you use Queen Ysabelle as well?

Sounds like a good idea for a new troop trait of some sort. :wink:

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I just faced this team thanks to Sister (who isn’t part of this forum interestingly enough) and the trigger appears to be only on the opponent’s team’s turn but there are so many boosts from her traits it takes quite a while for the animations to finish. I’ve finished my turn and then her boosting starts all over again just as the last one finished.

Using QY against the ai I found that her third trait triggered after every turn, both mine and enemy.

Cheers, I’ll see if I can see what has happened.

Just brought 4 Ysabelle to mythic to also try this def setup next week when I can trait her and now this should be a bug? Then please refund me my 2500 gems and 200 event keys to get that far.

Btw: I have beaten that team without true dmg, just my normal pvp aoe dmg farming team.


Hey, mate, thanks for your concern.
Hope my absence did not bother you much : )


I just found it odd that a person that is such a huge presence on the game leaderboards didn’t pop up here when I went to use your in forum handle. But @Sister I’m doing just fine otherwise. Welcome. :wink:

I hate your defense team

It’s too good

Oh wow. The legend that is sister is in the house …

Finally @Sister appears in the forum… a legend in the game, especially since @Mrsammy and @dhjl moved on…

…finally I can ask the long-term question on everyone’s lips: whose @Sister are you? (if you are even a sister at all, or a female at all…) Gotta love the internet…


Curious minds would like to know. :wink: