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Armor n Bonuses

Any team suggestions that utilizes armor as much as possible?
Preferably consisting of knights, a hero weapon(if needed), and no mythics(for obvious reasons)
I have a few teams already but I just wanted some suggestions anyways
Current team: Coronet, Ysabelle, High Paladin, Templar (Giants’ Banner)
Not the best but works pretty well so far
Also need advice on prioritising bonuses for Kingdom, Troop type, Unique coloured troops, etc. Can’t seem to decide which is more important


Knight coronet
Queen Ysabelle

I used to like this Whitehelm based team:

Nice one-two from Inquisitor into Paladin on high HP threats.

Grand Inquisitor

Kraken Banner

Anointed One
Queen Ysabelle
The Devoted

blue team with Human’s bonus (+2 attack/+2def/+2hp)

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I’ve been having remarkable success this week, even against cookie-cutter meta teams, with this team.

  • Valkyrie
  • Alchemist
  • Tesla
  • Carnex

Use Alchemist to feed Valkyrie, and use Valkyrie to feed Tesla. Don’t be hasty with Tesla’s spell; instead, build her armor by playing 4-5 matches whenever possible and use the color transformers to shake up the board and keep the extra turns coming. Don’t be afraid to target red with the transformers, but converting all blue to yellow or vice-versa is a risky move. Carnex is there to be a tanky Impervious in the last slot, another source of armor gain, another Adana troop for a decent kingdom bonus, and another red troop for the extra traitstones this week.

Although the team has no knights, it’s armor-based, it definitely works, and it gets you the event bonus. I’ve only had consistent struggles against teams with lots of spread damage, eg Krystenax/Dragon Soul/Sylvanimora/Elemaugrim or Goblin teams with Nobend Brothers and Queen Grapplepot. Troll/kraken/Mab is hardly more trouble for this team than for my counter-kraken team of troll/kraken/apothecary.

Settite Warrior is great in an armor focused team. Buff up whatever troop benefits best and deal a decent amount of damage at the same time. It’s even a knight!
Rowanne, the free epic from, I believe, Forest of Thorns, dishes out a lot of damage with her x2 multiplier if you crank up her armor. Not a knight, but one of the best targets for armor buffs below legendary.
Instead of High Paladin you can also use Paladin. It has also air link, which is a good trait, plus it’s a knight.

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thx m8s
Just a pity I somehow don’t have Tesla (yet?)

Brian the lucky always works well in an all knight team.
Plus he´ll boost your armor,life,attack or (if you´re lucky) magic.