Ignored support request from december 19th

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I submitted a support request 11 days ago and patiently waited until today.

when I quoted the support number I was told that support requests were not
dealt with by email and told to submit a new request which is pointless if they are not dealt with by email.

clearly the topic of why the guild were relegated after finishing 3rd from bottom and scoring more points than the 2nd guild in the tier below is not a topic that the developers wish to acknowledge at this time or ever deal with.

I have never seen a ticket number so blatantly ignored since the game started.

I look forward to hearing others thoughts on ignored tickets, and how a guild can be relegated after finishing third from bottom with more points than the 2nd team in the tier below before the last update.

thanks for your time

The main two ways I can think of would be if:

  1. Guilds from even lower Brackets jumped several places, causing you to lose your spot (not sure if it would actually work this way for an 8th place finisher, though).
  2. One or more guilds that didn’t register in the previous war re-registered, resuming their place in the Brackets causing guilds below to be pushed down to make space.

I’d need more info to know if that’s relevant, though. Which Bracket were you in? Can you show the screenshots (or provide details) of the relevant scores and resultant placings, etc.?

reregistering after a holiday was previously corrected by the 2nd place team in the lower tier not being promoted. that’s what support told us previously when we finished 2nd but weren’t promoted.

we had about 100,000 more points than the 2nd placed team in the tier below that was promoted and points are harder to come by in the higher division.

I think the refusal to address the support ticket need to be factored into your thoughts…

My thoughts:

You submitted a support ticket very close to one of the year’s biggest holidays, and the time of year when most employees who have limited vacation have to “use 'em or lose 'em”. Consequently your target audience (support) is going to be understaffed and likely fielding more tickets than usual.

When you waited for a while and asked for a status update, they told you to resubmit to make sure they saw it. You ignored that request and came here to complain.

I think you’ll get the fastest resolution if you resubmit, and I think “refusal” is a harsh word. It seems like sometimes tickets just disappear. I haven’t submitted one in a while but I’ll bet there’s some extra confirmation step many people think means “finished” but is actually “wait, one more thing”.

I see you posted there, but maybe try a little tact. You’re asking someone to help you. “Hey, Kafka, my ticket’s been in queue a long time too, can you check on it?” Is more Holiday Spirit than “You’ve been ignoring my ticket too, I know for sure I submitted it but I also don’t have the ticket number to prove it.”


In Bracket 1, the ninth and tenth place finishers drop one bracket to Bracket 2. In all other brackets, the eighth and ninth place finishers drop one bracket, while the tenth place finisher drops two.

Most of the time, the bracket winner advances two brackets (Bracket 3 winner does not, tho), while the second place finishers advance one, unless there are “dominant performances” by bracket winners that out jump the second place finishers.

If you think the current system treated your guild unfairly for finishing eighth, @peacefull imagine finishing second and not advancing while guilds that score 0 only drop two brackets.

Slypenslyde nailed it, I saw your reply and responded to you here @peacefull :slight_smile:[Not a Bug - Support ticket received] Purchase error report fell thru cracks?

Not ignoring you! Just swamped at the moment and as it’s not currently a Guild Wars week I’ve been prioritising tickets about account, technical and purchase issues as many of those players need help loading the game (they can’t play it at all) and we don’t want to mess with people’s hard earned money so we answer those kinds of tickets first generally.

Happy new year I hope you have a good one today/tomorrow, I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able.


You misspelled Chunkymono, but I know what you meant…it’s all good.

Happy Holidays.


yeah the ticket number was submitted in my followup ticket which was ignored - so go back to making things up over the holidays and for the rest of the year - and I was also told emails about outstanding tickets weren’t accepted by support which clearly got in the way of your abuse.

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What I have trouble understanding is: two members of the development team took the time to like Slyp’s post, but didn’t have time to do much else with regard to your issue. Other than tell you how busy they are (they liked that post as well), and that fixing GW is not a priority, of course.

Yeah, last night was streaming night, and it’s the holidays. But that was the post they liked? Shots fired, bruh. They’ll get back to you someday though. Allegedly.

OR…perhaps out of their x hour work day they divvy it up so they spend y hours dealing with tickets, z hours scanning the forums, etc. This way at least some progress is made in all areas of responsibility.

Not like people ever complain the devs don’t spend enough time here reading & responding to things. Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. Always a lose-lose situation for the devs because they can’t be in 2 places at once… :man_shrugging:


still waiting - do not expect issue to be dealt with until after next gw starts if ever because that’s the way the developers work.

at least one of the responders knows a lot different to what they posted but hey who cares. Do not expect to be treated fairly on this forum or reasonably because that’s the way it is. Enjoy wasting your time here. Bullying was always an issue in this game, and time has shown very clearly where it came from

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I liked the post from @Slypenslyde because it contained relevant information to help. The best way to see issues resolved is to contact our support team. Though it is rare, sometimes tickets can go missing, and if that happens we do apologise. Also, the ticket was sent during our holiday period, where many members of our team are out of the office to spend time with their families. (It’s also a time where we typically get a larger amount of tickets, as people on leave tend to play games and have the time to contact us that they otherwise wouldn’t.)

Our support team is actively looking into your ticket at this time, and you will have a response today. Please be aware that Guild Wars, and the bracket system, is working as intended at this time. I am sorry that this isn’t the answer you wanted, and apologise for any hurt caused.

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ahhh that’s so nice of you , and the answer that the bracket works as you intend it, from day to day, has already been confirmed by this thread.

There has never been an automatic 3 up, 3 down from brackets 2 and 3 on xbox. The guild’s been in them for years. The devs change it for whatever reason they like when they like. Reason’s given in writing for not promoting previously from 2nd spot in div 3 include holidays and not enough points scored. So when the guild scored more points 3rd from bottom in the 2nd division than the 2nd team in div 3 why relegation when the devs wrote differently before?

There was a reason why promotion and relegation rules were never published for this mode

That’s why the ticket was ignored and told to resubmit weeks later for a new ticket number, and that’s why another week’s gone by even after posting here. Being targeted for posting a legitimate question here as usual in your backyard where your rules are sacrosanct was a given. Just carry on messing with my account like usual whenever I can be bothered to stand up to your incessant bullying. oh and Happy New year.

As I mentioned earlier, your ticket will be replied to today. I went out of my way to check-in and see what the progress on it was, and talk to our support team about it. Nothing was purposefully ignored, we have been very busy, and sometimes tickets can go missing.

No targetting here, I just wanted to let you know what was happening as you wanted a response. Once again, I’m sorry to hear that you feel the way that you do. I’m just doing my best and trying to help answer queries.

Have a lovely day.

Xbox drama in GW brackets two and three? Nice to know they care and try to be competitive.

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Salty out. <3


Hope your all safe @Saltypatra

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We are at this point @ghaleon. Thank you for your concern. Won’t lie, it’s pretty scary, and this is what it looks like near the CBD.

EDIT: This thread has become thoroughly off topic, in part due to me. As the original query has been responded too, and further disussion is likely to become heated, I will be closing the thread.