GW Lazy Mindless Matching System


If you need a safe space go hide in a corner somewhere and don’t read this.

How on earth can you devs accept this absolutely mindless GW fight matching system?

“Hey i know let’s throw the ten guilds together and have it randomly determine fights”.

Please stop reading if you just want to come up with every lazy excuse in the world why it’s “too hard”, “too complicated” etc to set up a good matching system.

If that’s all you’re gonna say or think, maybe you’re in the wrong career.

I’m saying the following in caps to stress it not to yell…


If you just can’t take the time to do it, so the best guild has to avoid the 3rd best guild in a tier, because you need us fighting inactive trash guilds instead for randomness sake, maybe you should have the community program it for you.

Maybe you should ask the community to think of ideas for you too if you refuse to. I’d say if you can’t, but it’s obvious you can, you just feel other things are more important to you…

such as making dandelion troops.

Or maybe you refuse to create a normal GW matching system because you’re too busy caving to people whining about sunspear.

Is it really so hard to ask for a GW matching system that at least attempts to have the best fight the best when things are so obviously lopsided in a tier of 10 guilds like mine is this week?

Why are you accepting this month after month?

This isn’t even mediocre, your matching system. It’s the weakest matching system i can think of.

Do better. Don’t say you’re going to. Do it.

And while you’re at it dump these absolutely worthless guilds in our way to the back of the pack, all of them.

You have guilds dominating the hell out of others, crawling up a ladder like a sloth, and you have wimpy inactive nothing guilds sloooooooowly going down the ladder.

Whoever is in charge of this needs to ask a 12 year old programmer from some random grade school to ask them for ideas on how to improve this.

Yes i expect flak or a ban.

I don’t care.

If you can’t step up and do something more than virtually NOTHING for this worst possible matching system, then this really isn’t the game for me anyway.

FYI i didn’t write this out to be mean (though it is slightly rude in parts)… i just figure people have been nice with you in the past, over and over and over on this subject…

Maybe you needed a kick in the pants verbally to get you to stop being content with literally the worst matching system i have even dealt with in gaming or IRL sports.

GW is actually very fun. It’s THE main reason I play this game.

I’m really just beyond tired of seeing the competition being ruined every week because of extremely poor decisions on creating dandelion troops over a simple, better matching system for GW.

Needlessly disappointing matching… yet another GW.

The end.


They’ve said the opposite, in fact.

“Please be aware that Guild Wars, and the bracket system, is working as intended at this time. I am sorry that this isn’t the answer you wanted, and apologise for any hurt caused.” From a Locked thread…Ignored support request from december 19th - #12 by Saltypatra

Yup, working as intended. Like how when my guild was paired with two other bracket winners in b88, we didn’t fight the one that ended up finishing third. And when we and the third place guild advanced to b84, we again didn’t fight them. And now that we both advanced to b7, along with a third bracket winner (b9, b10, and b11, a tournament of champions? Nope, we didn’t vs the b9 winner), the battle was anti-climatic.

As far as rants go, I’ve seen worse. I doubt you’ll get a ban, but that’s not my call. I doubt you’ll even get a response, other than “working as intended”. We deserve better competition. Bring on the Sparkle Ponies.


(Off topic)
Curious why you delete your own posts after making them?


My two cents (as a mod, not a dev): No, there’s nothing bannable here, so thank you for staying civil. That being said, you likely won’t get much traction with a tone like this. Assuming incompetence may be an effective rhetorical device, but it is rarely an effective diplomatic one.

Also, @awryan, please don’t quote someone’s deleted post if you know it to be deleted. They likely deleted it for a reason, and unearthing it is bad form.



Except they delete every post they make and have been doing it for 12 months. Which shouldn’t matter. But discourse puts extra emphasis on their posts whenever they do it. So it seems like they do it on purpose just to get their comments to stand out from the rest of us. I’m not a mind reader @Lyya. I can’t possibly know that someone is going to delete a post before they do it. Specially when my question was why do they post and then delete. :man_shrugging:
(I quoted it way before they deleted it. To the best of my knowledge I can’t quote a deleted post.)


My guess would be it was a half-hearted Troll attempt. There was also a deleted post in the “Dialogue is bad” thread that had I posted a reply without quoting anything, my reply might have been taken out of context by another person reading the thread.

A Minor inconvenience, to be sure, but still odd behavior. And it has been going on for a while.

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All right. Can’t really explain it, then, and you’re right, @awryan, there’s no way to quote a deleted post. Odd behavior indeed…


Guild Wars is fine, and if you have a problem with it join a guild that takes guild wars seriously.

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I’ve liked this post because I relate to this and agree that (the entire range of) guilds should be better matched in GW.

What’s a dandelion troop? Quickly grown, not particularly useful, unwanted? Or was it a specific objection to the ‘Dandylion’ (sp.) troop?

I do agree that we’ve had a fair few ‘filler’-type troops that seem to mainly have been released to satisfy the predetermined schedule, and would definitely also prefer this (unquantified) development time be used elsewhere. I think I’ve heard responses along the lines that it’s not really an option, which is lame.

Also agree this seems unlikely to incur a ban.

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