[Not a Bug - Support ticket received] Purchase error report fell thru cracks?

Platform, device version and operating system:
iPad (6th generation), model: MR7J2CL/A, iOS 13.2.3

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
_ on Nov. 25th I reported that I did not receive a weapon (Ragereaver) that I purchased from a Flash offer on my iPad. I do know that you’ve all been v. busy w. your newest upgrade, so I expected my report to be dealt with in a longer than usual amount of time. I didn’t expect it to be a month, though. Did I fall thru a crack in the system? It happens, but I’ve stopped purchasing anything from GoW on my iPad (I still purchase thru Steam though). It’s a bit of a pain, but manageable. The loss of the money is a bit of a sore point, but your support folks have been so good up to now, that I’m not anywhere near irritation yet.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

  • happened once, Nov 25th

Steps to make it happen again

  • afraid to try!

Hey @isaro – definitely submit a support ticket if you haven’t already – that’ll be the best way for you to get the weapon you didn’t receive.


The bug report you made is more for providing info to the devs so that they can fix whatever caused this, to make sure it doesn’t happen again; the support ticket is to make sure you get your rewards :grin:.

You’re definitely allowed to bump up your report if it’s fallen off the front page/been a while and you think it’s been missed, though :grinning: (e.g. if lots of other reports have been responded to or marked but not your one):

(Here’s a link to the original report:)

thank you for the reply and the info in it. I appreciate the help! I’ll definitely submit a support ticket this time. Hopefully this time someone will see it.


@isaro I’m very sorry we missed your original ticket! If you tell me your ticket number I’ll get onto it right away!

I’ll find out what happened.

EDIT: found your new ticket and answering now! On a side note we never received a ticket from you about this before then. I thought maybe it went to the wrong inbox or something but we didn’t receive one at all :frowning:

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please don’t apologize, it’s not a problem on your end. This one is totally on me. I didn’t submit a ticket originally, I thought that I was supposed to just put a bug report in the forums (that’s not a ticket, right?). I don’t know if this will help, but I did put in a ticket recently after I was told to by a forum member, the # for it is 85038.


hey kafka - they didn’t submit a ticket but I did nearly 2 weeks ago.

That was ignored and the ticket number followup as well, I posted it under support - maybe you’d like to follow it up… best wishes for the new year

Hi @peacefull sorry for the wait, we have a large number of tickets due to the holidays and we’re also understaffed due to the holidays so there’s a longer wait than usual for tickets :frowning:

I did grab isaro’s ticket straight away as it was a purchase issue from a month ago - we don’t want to mess with anyone’s hard earned money and even though s/he didn’t submit a ticket I needed to handle that while the logs were still relatively fresh in order to help them better.

I’m sure I will reply to you soon too. In the meantime I hope you’re enjoying the holidays :slight_smile: