If its not broken why try to fix it

Why , oh why have you broken this little fun to play game the changes are horrendous, graphically its jumbled and confusing to much going on , dont you realise the majority of people playing this game myself included require simplicity and now we have total confusion 50 % of my guild are saying thats it there done 3 have left already im afraid im not far behind them thanks guys for breaking the game


That’s the same question, we asked six years ago during the last huge graphics downgrade. And the answer, that we were never given, will be the same as this time:

“Because we paid a load of money for the new graphics, and if we revert to the old ones, all of that will be wasted.”

Sunken cost fixation at work.


amen and second that :nauseated_face:
But I’m not sure I can get used to these new graphics, they are physically revolting.


They made a bunch of changes long ago under the GUISE it was to make the game LESS grindy. I have to spend more time grinding now in 1 day AFTER it was supposed to be LESS grindy than I used to do in an entire week. All those changes REALLY did was make it so people would have to spend more of their hard earned gems each week.

A better option would be to fire whoever keeps making these terrible decisions and replacing them with a person who actually plays games and is in touch with the player base.


I was thinking that too. They changed the Kingdom pass and the campaign, or whatever the heck it’s called, and made them more stupid and boring b/c grind, and added Epic Trials - the worst kind of grind imaginable - and now this new mode.

Is it possible that we keep getting new features rather than bug fixes and corrections because that’s a form of “reportable measurables” for the programming staff? That they get more credit for introducing something new rather than fixing mistakes, whether their own or somebody else’s? Thus creating some sort of incentive to act one way and not the other, such as the ability for somebody to keep a job (or get a raise)?

Absolutely, that’s programming 101. My expensive CAD program at work crashes all the time, but they just keep cramming more features into it. Nobody has an issue with Underspire, people seem to like it. What DOESN’T make sense is making graphics less user-friendly (like tiny red-on-green text) for no reason. They’ve gotten roasted in the past about color-blind people having issues, and yet they just did it again.


Was bad enough that they never fixed 2 big bugs with the Spirit Gems. That was just infuriating.
This is the first time in 30+ years I’ve called a game unplayable.

If the core of people comes up with (questionable) ideas that internally are described as “fun” and also put out into the public with the same description and the internal surroundings are comfortable enough and pay the bills of the lower ranked employees I can understand it to not raise any concerns, to not say or do anything internally about the whole situation. doesn’t explain the often displayed “communication issues” of the qa team though (I hope this was nicely enough described so noone feels the need to ban me again…) also enough players still feel like directly “whale-ing” their money into the game when such a update drops, so, there’s also that which most likely leads to company internal thinking of being confirmed in what was done to be a big success and “awesome” or “fun”.

I find myself caring less and less about the game which gets bloated up into a time consuming money sink with fictional real money prices more and more with each day and update. really sad because I like(d) the game for what it was 5-7 years ago and live in the nostalgia that I was a part of that beautiful timeframe. If I’d discover this game today I wouldn’t last long playing.


I only started playing last December, and the game has got significantly worse since then, sadly. I would have quit already if I didn’t use match 3 games to combat insomnia, and this one isn’t restricted by idiotic “lives” mechanics, though who knows when they’ll decide adding that is “more fun”, lol.


I can no longer read the Shield/Health amounts on Troop tiles due to the infinitesimal size of the new fonts and the colors selected for those fonts. When fighting in Guild Wars yesterday, I was constantly having to pull up the specific Troop tile of enemy troops, just to see how much Health and Shield each had left. This was a HORRIBLE update, and several of my fellow Guildmates have indicated that they will be quitting the game over this. I may, as well.


Actually, it seems that a lot of people, including me, are actively disliking Underspire and have no intention to waste time on that thing. But, the time will tell, I guess.

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In a way it is pretty much the same as with the graphic changes. The basic ideas behind it are pretty neat and could have improved the game. And then they messed up the execution. Although with Underspire it is clearly an intentional way to make it unenjoyable. Imagine Underspire minus the torches (lanterns could remain, if they really have to pull a profit from it). Let’s say with a limit of one boss fight per day to keep it from being overkill. Sounds kind of fun.

Well, I should have said " I dislike the idea behind Underspire", which would be more accurate. I have no interest to spend gems or money on it, as it is clearly designed to entice you to go for “just one more room”. Besides, there’s too many things to do in the game as it is. But yes, you are right. Maybe it could have been fun if it was designed differently. However, I think it’s already established that devs and the idea of good design exist in two completely separated dimensions.

Uninspired is on its own not a bad concept, the problem is the monetisation that was implemented with it.

The costs for torches and keystones is far far to high and increase as you go along.

I have spend some gems on it to get a feel for it and it’s not worth it, so won’t be doing it again. Free torches only going forward.

As for the graphic updates… Those are just horrible and make it difficult to read the stats and implemented inconsistently.

Dungeon gets a nice hover effect… Chests do not … :person_shrugging: