Give up on this!

Why is this game so broken, it’s basically coloums which has been around for decades and this battle mechanic has been around since the mega drive with the mean bean machine and Pokemon puzzle league on the n64 (which both worked) so it’s not a hard mechanic to master and yet this game fails on so many levels with error messages, constant crashing, bits of code you shouldn’t be able to see, cards that don’t work in game etc etc I know they say there working hard on fixing it but beginning to agree with half the people on here that say there not to worried how well it holds up as long as few people spend some money on the game. Yet they focus on new chests…just saying sort the basics out first before changing it.
Rant over…feel better now :slightly_smiling:

You could always just quit the console version and come over to the (significantly) less buggy PC/Mobile server. Not to mention you can download the game for free AND enjoy the latest version patch.

Oh, and did I mention customer support at PC/Mobile really does resolve your issue in 24hours or less?
You can usually submit your ticket, go to sleep, and wake up with the problem solved ~

Hey this is also an idea. When you have a problem on pc there is a significantly noticeable chance that you might be able to talk to one of the head developers too.