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Infinite loading screen after I spent 300 bucks on game

So I downloaded this game when it was free. Didn’t play it at all because it just didn’t look fun

I started playing three days ago and up until now I’ve not even thought to play another game, I even stopped playing pokemon go, lol.

Last night I thought to myself I like this game a lot so why not give the developers some love and I spent around 300 to start.

I go log in today and wow… The first two hours it did nothing when I logged on but sit their spinning colors… Then once threw pure determination I got in, any time it loads anything it takes about 45 seconds, or just completely freezes. Now im getting pissed. Truly pissed.

Ive noticed this game is on pc, Android, Playstation and xbox. So why the issues. And to top it off my stupid ass spent money on this game that I can barely play at best.

All my other games work fine. My internet connection is the best. I even called xbox live support. Is this truly just a shitty buggy game? I stream on twitch and even recorded video on my phone. Is their a fix, or what’s the deal. Might need to be refunded for a game I can’t play.

Not normal. Apparently they are having server issues. Don’t get discouraged. Awesome game, been playing for a long time and this is only the second or third time I have seen it this bad. Will be fixed soon.

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They are having server issues. Yeah it does occur somewhat frequent as of late but they are working on switching servers. Sorry man it’s just a part of the game. It happens.


That was a big investment after only 3 days. Game has been having issues for the last week unfortunately

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This is the best game ever in my opinion. Thanks guys for letting me know they are trying to work on it.


Love your enthusiasm. I had a similar experience in that my wife was just downloading some random free games after we got our PS4 and we tried it out. It was so bewildering that we almost didn’t give it a chance, but now we’re both hopelessly hooked. Haven’t contributed $300 yet, but we’ll eventually get there with weekly gem packs.

The way the developers respond to feedback is amazing and way beyond anything I’ve ever seen in another game. Hang in there, they’ll get it straightened out soon.


It was working fine this morning before the Weekly Event started. Errors have been few and far between for the past week. Devs explained that a recent influx of new players were causing these error messages to pop. They put in a request to increase the limit. Not sure why they could not add the Drifting Sands packs in the store. I personally blame the Sand Shark who oddly has a wry grin for eating the merchants.

For some reason, PvP awards were not given in a normal way with this new Whitehelm event. Game was still playable. Another dev suggested to relaunch the game to retrieve the PvP awards. So the question I have for those having PvP battle errors, did you collect your rewards first after relaunching the game?

As for you, @R4GEASAURUS , have you submitted a support ticket?

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Gems of War really is a fantastic game. I play primarily on mobile, but also have ps4 and xbox one accounts. You’re a little committed to the game on xbox it sounds, but you should consider trying it out on mobile. Pc/mobile players can play together and the latest version of the game is there. I typically prefer a controller for most video games, but on some occasions, touch based controls are better. This is one of those occasions. Plus, if you’re like the vast majority of people, you have your phone on you most of the time. Perfect game to pick up and play a round or two when trying to kill time.You may want to try it out on mobile and see for yourself. You can get most stuff without paying for it as well (if you’re worried about progress not transferring between the platforms), sans the death knight armor.

Edit: I’m not trying to crap on the console version by the way. I play on console a fair amount. Just letting you know about other options for the game if you really enjoy it.

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