Get rid of the official fix bug, this has not been fixed for a long time

The error of windowing and screening card interface has been around for a long time. It is really very troublesome. We need to use many card searches every day.This problem is expected to be fixed immediately. Don’t wait for the next version. I will use the card to find it every day.
There is also a translation of the card. This problem has existed for a long time for about half a year. You still have not solved it.


I am sick of the cheating so I want a refund from everything that I brought cause all this game does is cheat and I am not going to play a game that cheats all the time now I want my refund today

Good luck @Debbie1962

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I’m sorry Debbie. What though?

How is the game cheating?

Have you paid for gems but didn’t got them? Or have you paid for 1000 gems and got 500?

If not, bad luck, as that’d pretty much the only thing you’d get a refund for, in any app store out there.

Probably spent over £100 and got no Myth and had a meeting with :rofl:

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Sounds like someone lost a match once. Sorry to hear it.

Ok one more time the people who I play against have brought there stuff and have weapons that I have never seen before and I get these people that are shiting I would like some that are better than the ones you give to me

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removed because of things.