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Blue screen , missing glory, gems, vip keys , devs doing nothing to get my loss stuff in game, Glitched out gems

Don’t spend money in this game to support this game… I am Vip 6, I have lost glory and gems and Vip keys in the past from the Blus screen glitch in the game, Game screen turns blue and after you reload game stuff missing. Turned in ticket on dec. 14, support told me that they are aware of glitch in game, told me they could not get my glory, gems, vip keys back to me. I am telling all my friends to not spend money to support this glitched out game. The previous Updates have done nothing to improve AI balance in game, Devs more concerned with graphics. Very disappointed with lack of support for this game.

I’m gonna tag @Saltypatra @Cyrup and @Nimhain hopefully they can help you get some resolution. Also may want to put your ticket number out there as well for them to look into it.

they have my ticket number, support contacted me through email on dec 14 ticket, told me blue glitch was known issue, told me that they looked my account and could do nothing more. I have lost stuff three times in past with this known blue screen glitch. was told this new update would fix problem.

Hi FromtheShadows22,

When support looked into your ticket we got several backups of our server to look at your account during the week, you contacted us about losing those resources. (This is a standard procedure that most if not all video games support teams do.)

After reviewing multiple backups both before and after the update, we couldn’t find any evidence on your account confirming you had the resources you said you lost. Without that confirmation, support is unable to send out those resources.

With the blue glitch, as we’ve mentioned previously, we test player reported issues like this internally but are not always able to reproduce what players are seeing. We haven’t managed to reproduce that here, so have been unable to fix it, but it is on our backlog for further investigation once the team is back in the office for 2018.


once again a load of horse pooh…I will be sure to let every friend in gems of war about the lack of support this game has. I have lost glory, keys, and gems from multiple blue screens in this game. my friends have had same issue. my friends will no longer support your game with and money spent in future. I will be posting in gems forum and global chat just how glitched out and unstable this game is, and warn people to not spend money to support a glitched game.

We are sorry to hear that you feel that way @fromtheshadows22. We were extremely thorough when combing through our backup to help you. Unfortunately, you did not have the resources that you claimed to have lost in your support ticket.

Any player that has an issue with any resources losses is always encouraged to contact us so we can investigate the issue. If they are ever found to be missing resources that they previously had we will always reimburse them in their entirety. These backups can take some time to procure as we like to completely investigate an issue to ensure we haven’t overlooked anything. Our support work hard to give the best help possible to as many players as they can. Unfortunately, as we just had the Christmas holidays, support has been a little slower than usual due to some of our employees taking some (much needed) time off.

We understand that you are unhappy with the outcome of your ticket, but we cannot reimburse resources that you did not have.

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well then the bashing of your game support shall begin, I will tell everyone I know to avoid spending any money to support your game. Worst support of game ever. I have had this blue screen happen more than once, Lost plenty of stuff. WHAT A JOKE…

This should probably just be closed now. Sounds like the problem was dealt with as well as possible. From personal experience, support has been extremely good with this game. That is one part i can not complain at all about


Yeah, have fun with that. Support has always been top notch around here. A little slow at times when they have to deal with hoards of tickets but every support anywhere will have its hiccups occasionally - they are only human after all. Can’t say I’ve ever had a gripe over how support handled any of my tickets so your smear campaign will run up against at least 1 opposing voice, and likely others.

Have fun playing one of those other games that have superior support staff…:wave:


Never ever had a problem with support in this game. If they say you didn’t have the resources, I believe them. All the temper tantrums in the world will not conjure resources you never had. What, you thought they didn’t have the data to check?


I don’t value your opinion…suck up…

I do not value your opinion…suck up

I know they can look it up…why would I take the time to complain about a blue screen , that has took many items from me. Sure you believe them…suck up…

Well, going by the pleasant way you keep responding, either attempting to extort benefits or outright trolling would be a reasonable explanation. For the record, they looked it up several times and found your claims to be incorrect. I’ve had good experience with support, like many others here, so I’m afraid it’s you against the world. To sum it up with a quote: suck up.


I can understand your anger, but let’s be reasonable here if you’ll allow it. The support for this game is generally pretty good, if they’ve checked and say there’s been no issue the unfortunately that’s it. Whether you disagree or not.

If you want to dispute it then you have every right to do that, though if you could provide further evidence that would be great.

Unfortunately the manner in which you’ve approached this is unacceptable, so…


I know, I know. Suck up.

too funny…

take your glitched out gems of war game and shove it …

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