Errors that are annoying and its ruining this game

Ok I’ve recently got the Shadow dragon and put him in and lvl him up to 9 then boom hes gone in a match. Then says i don’t have him even if hes in my team. Next your accention and trait notification is buggy and only misleading information if you click it at times. The extra turn don’t stack up in the treasure room. Lots of crashes, plz fix.

Ascension and traits will be fixed in tomorrow’s patch. Treasure room always only awarded 1 extra turn per turn.

For the other issues send a message to tech support

Ok. So the extra turn doesn’t stack in one move. That sucks you would think that it would work.

Extra turns don’t stack anywhere in the game.

This is very true so it should in theory hold for treasure hunt as well. Makes me sad though with the turn counter but thats why you match 5.