Alex Bonuses May Not Be Working?

I rescued Alex today, and leveled him up to 10. I equipped him, but not getting the 2+ extra turns in the Treasure Room, or is it somewhere else?

I have Alex at level 20. I’m seeing 13 moves at start of a Treasure Hunt. Pretty sure it used to start at 8.

I have always started at 14 turns, and I have been playing for about a year now. The way the bonus reads + 2 turns at level 10. I am reading this as 2 extra turns on 4 or 5 matches instead of just the 1 turn. That is how I read it, but I am probably wrong.

Oh. That would have been an amazing enhancement.

It gives bonus turns at the start.
With full guild bonus, and lvl 20 pet, I start with 17 turns.
No extra turns on 5 matches.

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Hey all,

Just to share a maybe more detailed breakdown of the Alex bonus using my own Alex pet goes as follows;

  • No Pet equipped; 9 base starting turns
  • Alex equipped with no upgrades or level 5 (+1 applied to the base); 10 starting turns
  • Level 10 - 15 (+2 applied to the base); 11 starting turns
  • Level 20 (+3 applied to the base); 12 starting turns

The bonus turns are applied to the base starting turns and do not stack on top of each other after each major level.

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You people make this game very hard to understand because you do not word things properly so it is very misleading which I am finding out you people are famous for. The bonus doesn’t say anything about starting turns. All it says +1, + 2 extra turns. I read it as having 1 or 2 extra turns added to matching 4 or 5 gems etc which is the only time I get extra turns. Ever since I started playing this game, I have always had 14 starting turns, and it has always been 14 even with Alex at level 10. I do not trust you people. I read the summaries about what you say is in the chest for one week only, and then you admit that Mythic troop was never in the chests. For now on I will avoid submitting at all cost submitting a ticket for support. I still have not gotten an answer back on why I am getting Request Timeout every single day. I asked a fair question and you have completely ignored my ticket. I may just throw in the towel because you people treat us players so unfairly.

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Nothing in the pet description implied extra turns for 4+ matches. It simply states “+1 treasure hunt turn,” meaning you get one extra turn to play.

I don’t necessarily fault you for thinking it was for 4+ matches, but this is NOT a case of miscommunication or deceiving on the devs’ part, and is no reason for all those ‘never again’ statements.

As mentioned on other threads, throwing a hissy fit over the tiniest details and calling devs liars and stating they treat the community oh-so poorly over the small stuff really makes our complaints for the big stuff less valuable.

Just as the bonus does not mention starting turns, it doesn’t mention anything about extra turns from 4+ matches. Better reactions to the devs’ explanation may be to suggest a slight wording tweak for clarity or simply accepting this misunderstanding. :smile: