[Not a bug] New pet Alex not giving bonus turns

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, 6.3.0r34933, PC Windows 10 Pro version 21H2
account name 0ctomaton

Screenshot or image:

No screenshot available of the actual problem, as you can’t see what pet is equipped while in a Treasure Hunt.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
My pet “Alex” is at level 5. My understanding is that at level 5, I should receive at least 1 (I’d think by the description 2, though the wording is vague) extra Treasure Hunt turns. However, with Alex UNEQUIPPED I have 15 starting turns. With Alex EQUIPPED I still have only 15 starting turns. I have read other forum posts about this pet and it would seem that I should have 17 starting moves with Alex equipped.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Alex has not granted me extra turns ever. A couple of weeks? Ever since I won it in the Pet Rescue event.

Steps to make it happen again
I don’t know. I equip the pet, start a treasure hunt and still only have 15 starting turns. I restart the game with Alex equipped, still no extra turns. I unequip it, start a Treasure Hunt: 15 turns. I equip, start a hunt. I equip, restart game, start hunt. I unequip, restart game, equip, start hunt. All the permutations of the “turn it off and on again” principle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It seems that a lot of folks aren’t keen on this pet, but I like it. I like Treasure Hunt and while not having extra turns from a pet isn’t a deal breaker, I thought it was kinda cool. It’s a nice way to mellow out after getting my butt kicked in PVP or a particularly hard Delve. shrug. If I’m misunderstanding how this pet works, I’m sorry to waste your time. I appreciate your help with this, as it seems I’m one of the few who actually appreciate Alex!! Thx!!

  • Pets give you their Bonus even if they aren’t equipped. Equipping a Pet to your Hero is purely for cosmetic reasons

(and this blew my mind when I first learned it too.)


Jeto has edited it now, but no wonder that people are confused when the support initially said equipped it gives this bonus.

I went far too long without realizing this :joy:

Just wanted to add, for others who might be comparing starting turns: results will vary depending on the player’s guild. The green guild status gives a bonus to starting turns in treasure hunt, up to +6 at max level 200.

The base starting turns is 8, guild gives up to +6, pet at level 5 gives +1, so 15 starting turns is correct :slight_smile:

(somebody correct me if I’m wrong on base starting turns, I reverse engineered 8 based on my guild and pet bonus)

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Well, color me an idiot. This isn’t made clear and I’ve been playing casually for years.
Also, I’ve had 15 starting turns for a while now… long before I acquired this pet.
As far as I can tell, “Alex” does nothing. It wasn’t worth acquiring as it does nothing at all. Not that it matters, I still dig Treasure Hunts!

Shouldn’t be the case.
As @mitamata says above - 8 base turns, 6 turns from green statue give a max of 14 starting turns.
You can’t start at 15 turns without a working pet.