New Pet: Alex

A new pet has been released, Alex. You can get your Alex from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.

Alex will also start appearing as a potential Pet Rescue from Pet Gnomes.


Text says bonus increases at 5, 10, 15, 20 - but the final count is +3 turns at level 20.

Text misleading or bonus wrong?

Can’t increase half a turn…

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Just think of it as not granting a full extra turn at each increase, with rounding kicking in. It’s a bit awkward, a better approach would be to list the bonus for each cap instead. I guess they are using a static text block for that part of the announcement.

It is misleading…

+1 , +1 , +2, +2, +3 (Level 1, 5, 10, 15, 20)

Since a bug with statistics has already been noticed …
Isn’t this a cosmetic pet as listed in the game database?
I hope this part is correct

Alex will also start appearing as a potential Pet Rescue from Pet Gnomes.

Wouldn’t have broken anything had they given as a turn per increase.

But I thought as much (text being misleading).

Correct me if I am wrong please. I am trying to understand this bonus and why now.

Am I the only one that have seen several voicing their dislike(to put it mildly) regarding Treasure Hunt?
Has anyone ever asked for a pet to give more turns?

Maybe it is my own opinion about Treasure Hunt that shines through; having 13140 Treasure Maps in my inventory and ALWAYS do a reroll task in Campaign when there is a Treasure Hunt task.

I think there have been suggestions to do a Treasure Hunt rework.
Or at least to give better rewards from Treasure Hunt.
But instead they give us a Pet?
Sorry, I still really dislike Treasure Hunt in its current form.

But I really like Alex’s Artwork.

It’s not a cosmetic pet. The game database is a community project, it doesn’t correctly display the new bonus yet.


More turns in treasure hunt means more loot. More turns for pet hunt would just be annoying.

But focus is on new players, and for new players, treasure hunt is still fine.


Interestingly enough, the better strategy in regards to loot seems to be to fail fast. There’s a huge diminishing return in regards to turns played, the pet actually lowers the average amount of loot per time spent. There’s no way to retreat early from a treasure hunt and still collect, so you are stuck with having to play those extra moves.

Wish there was an auto play mode for treasure hunt.


From what I’ve read and experimented with, it’s best to get as many green chests as possible, as quickly as possible, and end the game soon after.

For us with a ton of treasure maps that’s probably true. But I think this is another thing more geared towards beginners that still need traitstones but don’t have that many maps yet.

Anybody running treasure maps instead of explore 1 for traitstones is seriously hobbling themselves, even beginners. Treasure Hunt would need to give you loot for every match made instead of the final board state for the pet to have any positive effect on your income. Currently it’s only useful for players who want to reach a high move count, for whatever reason, even at the cost of rewards.

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The artwork for this pet has been in the spoilers a looooong time. I’m not sure “now” was the exact target, I suspect it’s more a case of it’s been in development a long time and just now managed to get done.

It’s great to see more pets, even if they’re more or less useless for most. More opportunities for people to get past being pet blocked on kingdom mastery is always welcome in my book :smiley:


This is a geometric solid…not a pet.

Exactly. I’m not going to quibble over a new non-cosmetic pet that frees up kingdom progression and that can be gotten via Pet Rescues as opposed to spending thousands of gems or actual cash on copies.

I hope the trend continues for the devs to expand other new types of fun little buffs in-game. Might be nice to get a pet that acts as a multiplier for Cursed Runes or something. Pets have been stagnant for quite a long time now with some duplicates even coming in lately. I’m glad they’re getting some fresh ideas in and I’m happy to welcome them.

Why doesn’t Alex show up when I check unowned pets?

Cross sharing this here too just in case! Breakdown of the Alex Pet bonus using my own goes as follows;

  • Alex with no upgrades or level 5 (+1 applied to the base); 10 starting turns
  • Level 10 - 15 (+2 applied to the base); 11 starting turns
  • Level 20 (+3 applied to the base); 12 starting turns

The bonus turns are applied to the base starting turns and do not stack on top of each other after each major level.

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Why is a dice named Alex?

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Treasure hunts also give gems, though. And beginners usually also need those. Or at least I did when I was new, and the traitstones were a nice bonus.

But I get what you’re saying.

If anything, Alex helps with the campaign task for those who don’t want to reroll it.