Ideas for future kingdoms

Hello everyone,

As I was wondering the in-game map one day, I noticed the prescence of a big forest south of Bright Forest which is still untapped.

This let me wondering what there could be in the future and this finally let me to the following ideas of certain themes that (at the time of wtiting this) aren’t currently present in the game.

- The following ideas are totally improvised by me. It’s entirely coincidental if it somehow overlaps with any future plans made by the devs -

Idea 1 - Great Jungle (tropical rainforest / jungle theme):

A big tropical rainforest south of the Bright Forest (seperated by a mountain range) which was considered inaccessible until recently.

  • Possible inhabitants: Primates/Apemen (think of “Planet of the Apes”, but then in a fantasy setting), amazons or tribal people.

  • Inspriration: “Planet of the Apes”; “Tarzan”; jungles of Western and central Africa; Amazon Rainforest.

Underworld counterpart of idea 1 - El Dorado (not original, but I couldn’t come up with something better) (Golden City / Cursed Temple Theme):

A golden city (or temple) which is cursed by their owners after being invaded several times by greedy adventurers.

  • Possible inhabitants: Golems and living objects (not quite a nice place if the treasure itself literally attacks you)

Idea 2 - Mystic Island (Tropical Island / Tropical beach theme):

A newly discovered island surrounded by coral reef faraway from the mainland. Its interior is still unexplored and full of secrets.

I also think that my inclusion of tikis in idea 2 may open up the possibility of having a class makes the Hero a construct as troop type.

Underworld counterpart for idea 2 - Deep Trench (Deep Sea Theme):

A place so deep under the ocean that light cannot reach there. Strange creatures never seen before roam in these pitch black waters.

I hope I made my suggestion understandable for everyone and also hope this post serves as an inspiration for the devs for any possible future kingdom they may implement in the game.

Feel free to post your own idea of what kind of future kingdom you would like to see in the game!


I’m sorry if this wall of text is difficult to read.

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Posts like this make me happy. Love the idea of a monkey kingdom!

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You may know that there was 3 types with no Hero class: Elemental, Wargare and Construct. We got the Elemental Hero with Nexus, the last kingdom released. So my guess is that devs will continue to release new class with type that we don’t have (so Wargare and Construct).

A Construct kingdom can be nice like:

  • an old high tech city with robots as troops. That could too much similar to Adana/Tinker Town
  • a puppet related kingdom with a dark theme so more puppets like Chucky than Barbie :stuck_out_tongue:

For Wargare it is much difficult as Maugrim Woods is quite already the kingdom for them… Maybe a werewolf related kingdom but after lycanthropy campaign that sounds too much similar :confused:.

Devs can also released a new kingdom with a new race/type with a Hero class of the same type.


It would be nice if this were true but the dev’s tack record of keeping anything at all “even” is abysmal.

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Yeah my money’s on another Elf type.

after fire rift finishes the under world i would like to see a world above the over world cll it someting like the hevens or something. then have a simalr concept of a unique rss to open portals.

tldr: same as factions but above

Personally I’m hoping they DON’T just copy the underworld into a sky world. Each world deserves its own mechanics.

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Hypothetically if the devs were to create an “Overworld” they’d need to introduce a new kingdom to unlock the new region, just like Sin of Maraj unlocks the Underworld. I’m thinking Divine for hero type, angelic like troops would inhabit the kingdom, and at the end of the Quest, you’d have to fight to open the Pearly Gates. I’ll stop myself b4 the devs make this into a reality.

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1.The compensation kingdom
where the Arachnaean weaver finally arrives in its ‘we are sorry we stuffed it up’ robes
where cursed runes escape 505’s purse strings and are as common as treasure maps
where verses pop up without a 505 Gobmother reworking the algorithm
2. The pay wall kingdom - but I think we are already there…
3 The working as intended kingdom- allowing any stuff up to occur and occur and occur…