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Question: Sorry if it's around!

I am trying to figure out when next kingdom is! Thanks if anyone knows :slight_smile:

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The event sheet seems to suggest April…?


Thanks just trying to find the “confirmed” part.

Nothing confirmed yet, communication so far is leaning towards early next year.

Thanks! 10 char

The said they wanted Chinese integration released with it. So it is likely they would add the kingdom as soon as they have all of that situated.

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I believe they’ve said Bright Forest is next and before the new year.

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@Strawnyy I keep the spoilers page at http://www.taransworld.com very up to date (checked multiple times a day). The dates on this page are pulled from the game data files are shown there automatically (your not waiting for a person to report them). Feel free to check there several times a day. :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys! @Taransworld thanks! Will have to check and see