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Idea for buffing Zuul'Goth

With the introduction of Curse status, I think player controlled Zuul’Goth could be buffed a bit without interfering the balance too much.
My idea is, his spell will Dispel first, Curse then Stun second, Instant kill third, and whatever sub-spells left last, so that any on death effects from targeted troop wouldn’t be triggered.
I mean, he’s THE BOSS, he should clear his victim out of existence without any trace.

Well, this wouldn’t work on six Doom troops I know. But Doom being Doom, they’re another type of thing totally. Zuul’Goth couldn’t even challenge the concept of Doom, which would make a lot of sense lore-wise.

Just give him back multicast. Still wouldn’t be as potent as Irongut or Scorpius.

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Then use those troops. It was a glitch for Pete sake

Zuul’goth’s ability isn’t an instant kill but rather murders the enemy which I feel like would even kill the dooms. Need to wait until Raid is on a kingdom with a Doom in it and the Doom has been released.

everyone, wants Zuul’goth to be buffed.
but apparently this is not the case. what dev come up with is verified by they have never committed to buffing it and have restored its intended functionality.

even if i want to talk about troops that people can actually get, which i did for ubastet, change will not come.
so, in the end, we’d better just discuss things that will actually happen. with this idea in mind, my conclusion is simply “Zuul’goth is and always has been a bling troop, the devs never promised it would be the most powerful in the game.”

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Remove zuul goth boss attribute so boss killers stop one shotting him.

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Already requested several months ago, official response was something akin to “not going to happen, because lore and flavor”.

What if instead of “Boss”, it’s changed to “Divine”?

I’d rather see “Boss/Bling” instead, they could also switch the Delve treasures to “Construct/Bling”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If boss killers have this ability removed, consider who is most likely to suffer as a result; the new player yet again. Slayers give him/her a fighting chance to take out zuul when alternatives within his available troops may be relatively scarce and ineffective. Not to mention low hero levels, few tree talents unlocked and lack of weapon variety and affixes. New players have enough on their plate as it is. Don’t discourage them further.

I remember when I was new and struggled against a level 20 Zuul’goth. Carmella helped out a lot with her ability due to the high burst of damage against him. Even then, it still was brutal as a new player so removing that effect would be detrimental to everyone.

I still do think Zuul’goth (Craftable one) needs buffs like changing the Impervious to Invulnerable trait since, come on, you let Doom’s have it, why not the most difficult to obtain troop?

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New players should have less problems with Zuul’Goth due to 32 mana for 1 kill. Anything with a boost ratio like Ubastet is much more dangerous to them.

This forum is not about ubastet or the merits and detriments of other troops within the game. New players face zuul in raid each month and possibly in wars and high tier pvp fights. They have a direct counter for zuul and this should remain. How they approach other decks is up to them. Perhaps the ‘I have zuul’ players would receive more support from the general player Base regarding a buff, if those self same players didn’t continue to throw gems by the bucket at every event in sight. If he is so rubbish, why behave as if he isn’t? Clearly one isn’t enough for some people. Its highly amusing prodding players gently with a faked Leaderboard charge and watching them panic spend.

I feel like a major problem here is people on both sides are speculating as if Zuul’goth is a common troop to encounter.

It isn’t.

That means we are speculating what it might be like if it is more widespread. We are very often wrong when we speculate. GoW is a very complicated game and it is very hard to predict how something will actually interact with the rest of it.

I especially don’t feel like worrying about “What happens when a newbie faces Zuul’goth?”

First, the matchmaking algorithm is supposed to present this. If you are facing ZG, you’re probably fielding a mythic or two yourself, which means the game no longer thinks you’re a newbie. This is why old players advise new players to be very careful about immediately adopting new, powerful troops.

Second, I know exactly what will happen when newbies routinely face Zuul’goth: there will be 7 active threads like this one, 3 new per week, and dozens of ideas for how the problem can be solved. The pressure will be hard and continuous. If the developers notice an uptick in attrition among new-to-midgamers, they’ll probably address it.

That’s the faith I have to have.

As-is, I’m tired of arguing about, “what if?”. I think as-is, I face so few ZG teams I don’t have a strong feeling for if it stinks, or what impact a buff might have. Until I face more ZG teams it’s really hard to have a strong opinion. That day will come, and I do know the stronger it is the harder the players in general will push to weaken it. It is the way of the community.