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Boss Killer troop trait

It seems that the 3rd trait is redundant on these troops. How about making these troops more relevant outside of raid by adding a useful trait like gain 5 crafting diamonds per dungeon match as a trait. You could even mix up the bonus rewards on different boss killers, 1 gives bonus shard, another can give a colored stone for crafting, etc. A limit of 1 activation per trait type per match of course so duplicates of one boss killer would not benefit. It also gives players an incentive to buy into the raid and get the boss killer troop. I think these traits would be more favorable.

Can I get some likes on this?

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Broadly I agree. Bonus skull damage to the boss is pretty useless - if the battle goes on long enough for the boss to be taking skull hits, then the boss’s spell has probably killed a couple of your troops. Pulling the boss to the front (say with Dust&Sand, does this even work?) means its 32 mana kill spell will be charging extra fast and doesn’t sound viable either.

That’s not going to happen. Diamonds are supposed to be far harder to get. I do agree that a better trait might help monetise by getting more gem spend on the raid troop. Maybe just something like Fast or maybe: give all allies x% chance to be immune to the boss’s kill spell, where x scales with the its ascensions, and caps at say 40%-50%.

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I Highly recomend NOT doing this! I almost took a loss pulling Boss to front, tried it twice in early rounds. Never again.

It might be viable in a situation where skull-spamming is an option (Khetar or Maugrim Woods, for example). I’m actually looking forward to Maugrim Woods week - I have some interesting ideas there…

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Well they need to change something because they are losing me. I’d much rather do gw every week, these new events hold my interest not at all. At least if the raid troop was incentivized it might give me a reason to invest and semi-enjoy these new events. I’ve spent enough to be vip 5 and now with the changes I’m wishing I hadn’t. IMHO they didn’t add anything of value to the game, just made it more expensive to play if you actually want to win.

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I think i know what you are up to…
But have you considered the ammunition aerodynamics for your Honey Badger (in clown costume) Cannon? The logistic for transportation also needs to be addressed. :thinking:

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I think my codebook is out of date. That sentence translates to “coming push tax measuring snakes divide loan clothing.” I’ll need a couple hours to check the dead drop for the new version.