Maybe it's already time for a new proper Boss troop...No?

Just a thought about maybe, it’s time, probably, zog off etc etc etc.

Still wouldn’t hurt if they made the last 8 orb boss troop useful for something other than invulnerable on Zuul attack days. I don’t know if the same people/person who designed EK are capable of making something that is actually “boss” level. But I do agree that it’s time for something new.

boss troop with the 3rd trait “at the start of battle drain 4 mana from all enemy troops” (heck if it was 1 mana from all enemy troops it would still be amazing)


Would be really nice to see a proper, “Boss name” worth troop - even better than Zuul for, let’s say, 10? / 12? / 16?orbs.

Gems exploder, generator, mass killer, anything powerful!

It’s already enough of those - sniff a flower and get 5 armour, feed a fish in a pond and be happy with 5 life, take a deep breath and gain a treasure map and so on and so forth.

I remember someone here (forum member) posted Scorpius like suggestion for bleeding…something like that. Even with proper image!

And yes - images / illustrations of troops nowadays are stunningly horrible! Proper amateur looks like. Sorry, this one was just out my head…

Maybe a boss troop with 0 attack and 0 magic, that can do one thing, and one thing only: Kill or curse-stun-devour hero troops at the start of a fight.

Or just make a random or chosen troop pertified for 3 / 5 / 10 moves - snake eyes’za :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure, in the forum, there is insane amount of excellent ideas - FOR FREE!
Kinda Horn of Plenty for ideas

This game is over 7? 8? years and what we have:

Zuul - the Boss
Kurandara - Boss wanna be
and those 2 doggies (can’t remember names). Meh

I’d rather have the most if not all bugs fixed before I’d like to have a new boss troop.

But if you really need one, here my suggestion:

Name: The One

All colours
30 Mana spell:
Curse all enemys. Deal 5000x Magic spelldamage to all enemys. Gain an extra turn. Loose all Gems and Diamonds.
1st trait: Invulnerable
2nd trait: Empowered
3rd trait: If another “The One” is used by your oppponents, all “The One” will be removed from the game.

Dead sure, bugs must be under control always, fixes included.

But sometimes I would like to see more options to play around various troops. And I ended up with only 4 Boss troops and decided to post here.

I like the idea of any troops that can drain mana from the overload of empowered nonsense that is the bane of guild wars. Not sure if that should be a boss gig but its definitely needed in the game. But yes, a new boss would be great, unless it turns out to be a PA.

An effective anti-Hero troop is long overdue. We have counters to many of the other things this game has to offer, and one only need look at the evolution of the “meta” over time to recognise that. Most of the things and teams that were popular when I first started playing many years ago don’t see much usage anymore.

You see a Hero on the vast majority of competitive teams across most game modes. But there doesn’t seem to be a reliable counter to them.

I’ve seen veteran players saying they’ve been sitting on Orbs of Power that are collecting dust in their inventories. By introducing new Doomed Troops, whether they’re fan-made or created by the devs themselves, maybe that would give these vets a reason to use their OoP and show the rest of us that Zuul isn’t the only Boss Troop worth grinding for :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5:

I’ve always liked the idea of boss killer troops also doing bonus damage to heroes.

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A very Boss Troop look is…
The Hellcrag Monument … :relieved: :relieved: :relieved:

Some people know

Here is my Custom Boss Troop


Yes, we need another boss troop that is easily defeated by every boss killer in the game.

WOW! Love it!!! Bravo! And now, everybody, please compare to (let’s say) - upcoming Stone Zombie, Lasher, Plainsjumper, Lemure, Sulfur Slime, PetraHulk, Wereshark, Ochre Jelly, Burning Ocularen, Tauraeus etc etc etc. OMG, even Q.Aurora with a rubber horn looks better than those!

No doubt, I would medal Majnoon straight away - awesome artwork!

Devs obviously are saving money for a proper art illustrator.

Only it would be 40+ mana cost at least, for sure :slight_smile:

100% agree - Monument’s look is decent! Worth to be Boss (stats will be absolutely different thing - most probably meh) :slight_smile: