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I think I might be done soon

I’ve been feeling burnt out at the start of this week and just couldn’t be bothered to do the raid or delves and the main culprit I’ve noticed from this is, shockingly, the delves themselves. Ever since they arrived, I’ve started to lose interest in the game and the thing is I need to do them if I want to get the troops so I have no choice but to do them but delves feel so unbalanced and with each delve having separate treasure hoards, it makes things worse.

Then there is the drops themselves. Mythics and to a degree, legendaries are such a pain to get and I get why but when you keep getting the same troop in a row then it becomes painful. A recent example is Cedric Sparklesack. He evaded me for so long until this week. Got him from the weekly delve event vault key and then when our guild completed the raid task, that vault key also dropped Cedric as if trolling me.

I can’t deny the game did drop Undine this week but today absolutely ruined any hope. If I have extra gems, I tend to go for VIP chests for the best chance of a new mythic (I don’t care, just want to collect the new troops) but what happened? No drops from VIP. As for portal chests, I got not 1, not 2 but 3 PAINFUL Sacred Treasures. WHY!? WHY COULDN’T THAT BE 3 ACTUAL MYTHICS!?

I hate that. Opening 50 VIP chests (1.6665% chance) for no mythic only to get 3 Sacred Treasures from PORTAL chests over the day is such BS. I think I might be done soon but for now, I’ll try and stay, mainly collecting tributes… sigh

Sorry for the rant but today just pushed me over the edge because I can’t **** use Sacred Treasures in battle unlike Scorpius, Euryali or even Voice of Orpheus/Fallen Valdis

If you report this they will reimburse you with actual troops

Good luck. :+1:

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I see the mistake I made and edited the initial post… anger does make it easy to fail to type out a full sentence. I didn’t get any mythic drops from VIP chests but from PORTAL (Read the bold) chests, I got 3 Sacred Treasures. Portal being underworld.

How is it the lower drop rate gives me more mythics than the higher drop rate?

I think you are looking at Portal drops from the wrong angle. I don’t consider the Sacred Treasure as a Mythic drop despite it’s rarity (base rarity of the card and chance t obtain).

But i understand the feeling about all random factors playing a role on Delves. I know @Gouki pratcularly loves it all :wink:.

Jokes aside, of all the directions this feature could take the devs didn’t considered a lot of things that can contribute to this feeling of burn out.


I feel your pain. On the other hand, I envy your luck with the Sacred Treasures. In all the time we’ve had delves, I’ve seen one. Since I actually like doing delves, I could use a few more.


You are confusing Mythic rarity across types.

A Mythic weapon like “Warden’s Gauntlets” is not the same an Infernus, or a Sacred Treasure. They are all “Mythic” but there is a DIFFERENCE between troops, treasure and hero weapons.

Plus Portals and Chests have different pools to draw from.


I’ve been comparing the drop rates. The game still classes it as mythic with the “Player got a mythic troop: [Insert troop]” and it’s drop rate is lower than VIP Chests. Getting no mythic from VIP chests but getting 3 Sacred Treasures over… I think 50 or 60 portal chests is what sucks so much.

This was my Friday:



I like you, but the gacha cycle goes:

  1. A period where everything is new and exciting and everything you open is great.
  2. A period where spending a little money is still pretty likely to get you great things.
  3. A period where you have specific wants/needs, but the probability is set such that it will take stupid money to get them.
  4. The point where you ragequit because other games are tempting you with (1).

GoW’s probabilities are… depressing. It makes chasing 100% an impossible goal, and every time I think about what it took to get out of midgame and into endgame I wonder why I did it. (Honestly it’s just "I have friends who keep me interested.)


But comparing these won’t work because it’s not the same poll of rewards. You are focusing too much on these silly Sacred Treasure rarity and stressing yourself about the lack of new Mythics on the other chests. If you were disappointed for not opening the Legendary troop that would be understable.


I’m sorry you feel as you do.

I’ve been playing since March 2017, I was fortunate to join AW Ryan when it was only a few months old, and because of my guild and all the legendary tasks we have done, plus all our guild wars wins in bracket one, always finishing Raids and Invasion usually by Thursday or Friday every week of their events, I have every mythic, every Legendary, and basically every troop in the game other than the Raid boss… And so do many of my guild-mates.

I’m not sure what guild you are in, or what resources you have, but I haven’t had to use a vip chest in a year… All my gems go towards events, otherwise I would have nothing to spend gems on…

And I always pull the new mythic on their release Fridays…

I did all my delves at lv 20, and hoarded shards and treasures, and with the recent faction event, I got all troops to mythic within an hour of logging in on Friday.

If you are burnt out, I understand, and I wish you the best. But if I can play a bit over a year and a half and have everything, anyone can… Sure, it requires play-time and being in a very active guild, but it’s not like there is a shortage of those.

If you do go, it’s sad, and I wish you the best!


It seems someone took offense that I suggested AW Ryan being in bracket one on pc/mobile for over a year, was also suggesting that we have come in number 1 in guild wars for over a year. We have only been in bracket one, we have never hit the number 1 spot during a guild wars week.

I apologize to anyone that felt I implied that.


Delves might have been the ticking time bomb before I got burned out but climbing up to PvP Tier 1 Weekly, especially with the changes where you rarely ever see Fire Bombs anymore, makes it SO frustrating since nearly everyone uses Titan and honestly? Barrier on brown should not be allowed in PvP since it makes some builds impossible to kill (Looking at you Mountain Crusher).

I lost 4 battles climbing up to Tier 1 this week. Lost out on 2 Pet Gnomes, a Treasure Gnome and a soul Gnome. Guild Wars this week is also a major pain.

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Aww man… I’ve been saving a meme for people who’s going to rage quit the game and wants to broadcast it on the forum…

But this one doesn’t seem like one. People are actually discussing cordially here. Ah well. I guess I’ll save it for the next guy.

Anyway. I kinda know how you feel, but I’ve been staying in the game mainly for the people here, and not for whatever new stuff that’s been coming out. Admittedly I’ve turned much casual now, and have since relinquished my GM position to more driven member in my guild. But hey, it’s fun to log on briefly every so often to see how everyone’s doing.

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I’ve had similar feelings since the introduction of Delves in particular. For me, the solution has been being okay with suboptimal play or not completing everything, having everything, getting the max benefits, etc. Some days I just don’t worry about delves, or daily tasks. It helps me to keep having fun. In my opinion, this is the sentence you could change that would help change this situation for you:

I think you’ve put yourself into a deadlock that your heart’s not really behind. If you can be okay with not having the troops (doesn’t mean you CAN’T, it’s just okay if you don’t), then you regain the choice and power in the situation; you might not feel powerless.

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

The mythic drop rate for VIP chests is 0.6 * 0.0166 = 1%. What’s the mythic drop rate for delve portals?

I wouldn’t say this talent shouldn’t exist, but there is a bad balance on Class Talents in general. Barrier when matching Brown gems is quite strong as a level 40 talent while other Classes/Trees will give you +2 Attack for yellow allies at the same level 40… It’s ridiculous how the devs would consider that ok.

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@Fourdottwoone If I recall graphs, the chance of a Sacred Treasure is 0.9% but I do know it’s less than 1% chance. Did open up some more (10) VIP chests thanks to the start of the new week and got Stonehammer so that’s good at least…

@Razzagor If it was at level 100 then it could make some sense but it still shouldn’t be allowed access in PvP due to how strong it is compared to the majority of level 40.

At level 70 there is a talent on the Guardian Tree, Banishment, (present in four or five classes) which dispels all enemies on 4/5 matches so it can be used as a counter given certain conditions of the board, but it wouldn’t work if you match skulls and get stunned by the first talent from the same Talent Tree with Barrier on Brown matches.

Right now Stun is just too good for these situation and this early talent (causin Stun on the attacker when hit by skulls) should be revised as well.

A Perfect Imbalance (counters to everything in Rock Paper Scissor style) is far away to be achieved in the classes, and i won’t even mention troops (much less from Wild Plains) will not even hint at the Gnolls and the Devs doesn’t seems very aware that all these small details can pile up with burnout you an other players feel…

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Oh won’t you, now? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: