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I am done, good bye

I know I am not much of a poster or in game chat too much, but Just wanted to say goodbye as this will be my last week in game. I just do not feel like there is any reason for me to continue with the game. Been a long and good run…

Ended up with all troops mythic (including 2 Zuuls), All Fractions at 2,500 renown 50% of which were done without potions and all hero classes are maxed. It is a shame I won’t put my over 10,000 gem keys to use as well my 8 million souls and 20K in diamonds. All of that and only VIP level 4. Also was very successful in GWs B1 which is a real test of this game.

One lesson is this game is a marathon, not a sprint and set your own goals. Thanks to everyone who made this game fun for me and good luck to all.


All the best OTC!


Take care, OTC. Sorry to see you go.


When it’s time to go, it’s time to go.
Enjoy yourself.
Thanks for our casual chats about factions.


Hope you will find a new game that you will enjoy as much as you did with GoW. I can recommend AFK Arena. I have a guild if you like the game and wanna join. :+1:

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All the best OTC! It was fun to play alongside you for awhile.

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When you started to play?