Disenchanting 90+ base mythics didn’t break my addiction

I tried to quit a few times and the most success I had was when I disenchanted my 90+ base mythics (including duplicates). For a few months I only did daily logins and a few tributes a day. Now I find myself playing again. It’s pretty painful to see the drop from near the top of the ascension leaderboard to rank 286.

I love the community and the game, but dwelves take too much time. I, unfortunately, have one of those all or nothing personalities. So it’s hard to do just part of the events.

I guess I’m at a crossroads where I have to decide if I’m going to get mythics again (besides the occasional mythic treasure). I wish there was a way to give yourself a timeout in the game.

Part of me definitely wishes I still had my mythics again. Too late now.

Any advice is welcomed on how others have found some balance with the game.



If you don’t have time for Delves, don’t rush to finish them at all. From my personal experience it’s possible to achieve a full collection even keeping a Delve at level 20 to farm Chaos Shards and eventually when you have enough extra Cahos Shards you can start to work on finishing Delves you would like to get the pet.

The pets are one of the end goals as they count for Kingdom’s progress, but in the meantime it’s possible more pets will come and the Faction pets be purely aesthetic. Also more troops and weapons will be added into the game, so there is always better things to use later to help you beat the high level Delves.

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On xbox, we have a retirement guild for people like you.
Low requirements and all events optional.

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Well I don’t think requirements are the problem. I’ve never been even close to not meeting reqs.

It’s more like my personality and how it interacts with the game. Two weeks ago I was with 29 random people in my personal guild, “Internet President,” like the name of my debut novel, The Internet President: None of the Above. Last week I was in TUF:Limbo, our retirement guild, which completes some tasks.

Then I start thinking I could get more resource while I’m taking a break and switch to the a higher TUF guild. It’s like Yoda is saying daily login lead to tributes, tributes lead to playing, playing leads to addiction.

Maybe I have to train myself not to play in the room where I work, or try to see if I can set time limits for myself.

None of the Above

I’d tentatively suggest the thought train of

would be worth examining.

Perhaps try to focus on what it is you love about the community and the game, and invest or engage more with that, while ignoring/being okay with not doing some of these other aspects that create a sense of obligation or addiction for you.

I find focusing on other things helps with the unease of leaving Daily Tasks incomplete and Delves unattempted. Maybe use some time to reassess your values/goals, and nudge your actions towards them.

I personally found I enjoyed the team building and community aspects - talking to and helping others - the most. I decided to make my own guild, which meant I could tailor a guild to suit my play style/temperament, and which also means I spend just as much time answering questions, reading info, and coming up with teams or guides, as I do playing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Perhaps some ideas or techniques from a couple of schools of therapy could help - ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), and ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention - if leaving things like Daily Tasks, etc. unfinished, not collecting tributes, or not logging in daily would make you feel uneasy - used most commonly to help with OCD/compulsive behaviours).

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That’s the most helpful answer yet @Jonathan

Chasing a complete set (all cards to mythic) was my goal. I started the most mythics list that inspired the ascenscion leaderboard. I was close to that complete set, but then the game was changed repeatedly to make that a less and less realistic goal. My brain would try to “solve” this problem. I short circuited that part at least, when I disenchanted all my base mythics. So it’s probably dangerous to chase mythics again wholesale, but it also means I can’t really do Guild Wars. I am tempted to get that new devour mythic though because it might save time on dwelves. Since it’s in the forge, I can make that decision this week.

I don’t think I’ve missed a daily login in over 2 years, despite officially quitting multiple times. Tribute collections are autonomic at this point. Maybe I can allow myself a few mythics, but not chase them wholesale until I finish my next novel sometime in 2020 hopefully.

Then I can look into some of the ideas you’ve mentioned and come up with new protocols and habits to workaround my nature.

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