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I really want to be able to favorite troops

I really like the game, but the lack of being able to favorite troops is a big issue when there are nearly a thousand troops and most of them (sorry) are just useless mobs. Even games like Fate Grand Order, which have a tenth of the number of ‘troops’ this game has, have the ability to favorite troops and put them at the top.

I’m writing this after spending ten whole minutes trying to find my boss killer troop for Dungeons with nothing more than ‘I think it was purple and near the end of the alphabet…’ It was Umbraxis, and I eventually found him. But in a better world I would have favorited him the first time around and immediately found his adorable psychopathic face for Dungeons. And I’ve only been playing for a month, it must be so much worse for people who have a significant number of troops.

Please don’t think I’m hating - the game is quite good on Quality of Life (love the ‘ascend everyone’ button), but this is my number one hassle. And I’m not going to pretend I’ll ragequit otherwise, but I do think it’s your biggest UX issue. Thanks!


This issue/suggestion has been raised before, but perhaps they will listen to you. :slight_smile::+1:

In the meantime, are you aware you can search for “Godslayer” troops in the search field? Also, “nty” in the search field will bring up all Bounty troops the next time a bounty event is active. Saves a little bit of time.

Welcome to the community. gl hf


Thank you very much - I figured this had to have been requested before. But also figured that if n00bs don’t keep poking them it’ll never happen. The ‘godslayer’ hint is really useful for the future, but I didn’t even remember what that skill was called at the time.

The feature isn’t even that hard - I’m a software engineer and game author myself. Here’s the spec:

  • Assign one bit for each troop for favorite/not. This is the only uncertain part - I don’t know how byzantine and fragile their database scheme is. Maybe adding just one bit requires an incredible amount of work because they didn’t plan for it.
  • If the bit is set, draw a star on the card just below the level (upper right).
  • On the ‘troops’ screen, when you select a troop and get the ‘upgrade troop’ etc buttons, add a ‘favorite/unfavorite’ button which toggles the status of the bit.
  • When you sort, always sort on the bit first, then on everything else.

That’s it! Except potentially the first item everything is easy. I’d even offer to do it myself, but I already know how paranoid people are about their code and that’d never happen.


A fav section of useful troops would be nice.


I too would find this useful, perhaps even extending to favourite weapons too if we are being greedy.


Well, if the filter exists in one, and everything pretty much shares the same filter, no reason it wouldn’t be available in both.

And while we’re on this topic of filters (although this might be off-topic for this thread), could we have a simple search on the Classes tab like we have on the Banners. I realize there’s only 34 (currently), but it would be nice to not have to scroll from Titan to Archer.