Feature Request: Favorites for Troops

Request: A way to ‘star’ or ‘heart’ a troop and filter to either show only favorites or sort favorites to top.

Reasoning: There are a ton of troops in the game and the list just gets longer and longer. Let’s just admit that not all of these troops are top-tier. Some troops, like bounty troops, are very low power level and you would never put them in anything except a bounty team. Often I’m faced with building a new team for a delve or daily task and it would be nice if I didn’t have to scan through all the OK cards to find the great ones I want to build my team around.

Why Now: I used to only level up my favorite troops to 19 or 20, and all the non-blessed troops I’d leave at 18. That way I could sort by level to find my MVP’s. With the old kingdom leveling requirements, a few points missing from under leveled troops was not enough to matter, but with the new kingdoms requirements, some ask for X number of troops to be leveled to 20 and my old work around no longer works.



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The features in troop filtering are already pretty powerful but with so many troops and weapons, it’s not always enough and a favorites or star would help.

Even better would be something like tagging. For example I would like to tag some weapons and troops with “Scales” if damage scales with enemy stats (like Mang or Tesla), some with “ManaGen” (like Urskayan Crown or Alchemist), and some with “Loop” (like Divine Protector or Alchemist). For this week’s Tower, I might search blue troops and weapons with “Scales”, then with “ManaGen”, then with “Defense”.

If tagging isn’t feasible, then different colored (or shaped) stars would allow most of the above. I don’t really need to give Alchemist two different stars.

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If there were a drop down selection so we could limit troops to see white star troops, grey star troops, etc, there also might be choices to only see troops in chests or only troops in portals.

So we could select grey star troops to see only the troops we gave a grey star to, or we might select portal troops to only see faction troops. That could help when deciding where to spend shards.

There even might be selections like “all chests” and “event chests” so we could see what is currently in event chests, but that’s not really needed since we can just limit by kingdom.

I agree with this very much! I play hours daily and often forget many useful troops exist. Like the above poster I have used leveling to try to make something the current filters could pick up on. This fails quickly.

Tagging AND marking :heart::crescent_moon: etc symbols isn’t too much to ask when there are 600+ troops. The current filter system is quite pathetic as it is anyway. Many troops fall through existing filters. For example, troops and weapons who take enemy life and add to their own get filtered many different ways depending on the wording of the card. Most annoyingly, they don’t appear with “true damage” troops. They instead get lumped with troops that increase “skills”. Yet no one who plays thinks of life points as a skill.

I don’t want to raise a bigger issue, but this makes us think of how true card text is. Cards that supposedly “steal resources” are not able to do so enemies with barrier.

Hey @pohsyb, is the issue here more that you want a way to quickly access some Troops or that the game does not support you in building better teams (and having a feature to help with that)?

The former.

Say you want to have all your “quick start” troops, i.e. empowered AND 50%-to-that-type troops. You go and favorite all the Forest Guardians and Tai-Pans and so on.

Or if its “delve troops” you have all the things that give … whatever you want, huge scaling stats and barriers for instance.

League does it pretty well:


@Cyrup There are some troops/weapons that are just all around good or good enough to build a team around. (Gorgotha, Valkyrie, Infernus, Dawnbringer, etc.).

The filters are very good for finding something specific, say a mana converter that uses brown. I’m looking more for a way to bubble up the good and proven troops to the top, especially useful since there are now so many challenges with interesting restrictions.

When I build a new team for a specific task, say a daily challenge using monsters. I first filter by Monster, then sort by level (historically I didn’t level troops past 18 unless, I considered it good). This let me find the solid monsters first, I get inspired, then I can start considering colors and effects to make a cohesive team. I may even dip into the not as good troops if needed.

The downsides of using level is that there is no way to undo accidents, If I level a niche card I want for one specific task (Raid Boss Troops are good example of this) it breaks the system and finally to level kindoms, I have to level troops 20 now.

Some people would find a full on tagging system helpful, but that seems like complicated overkill to me. I’d be thrilled if you could “favorite/unfavorite” a troop with button next to the “Upgrade” button with an option to order by favorites.

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Okay, thank you for clarifying. To me it sounds like there are two problems here in this thread:
A) The game doesn’t help players build effective teams well and B) it can be hard to locate useful Troops that you are more likely to use than others.

Personally I struggle to remember what a lot of the Troops do but think that some might be useful in a future situation but I can’t remember their Spell/name/Traits so I struggle with finding them and thus team building…

I don’t know if the new Roles field was supposed to solve my problem finding troops, but is definitely does not.

I’ve never thought, “You know what this team needs, an Assassin!”. When I do filter on “Assassin”, I get great troops like High King Irongut and Kraken, mixed in with terrible troops like Wandering Monk and Gnoll Hunter, along with a bunch of super specialized like Gob-Chomper.

I don’t even know what half those roles are supposed to mean exactly and even if I did many of the troops I like fulfill multiple uses. The Possessed King is mana generation, transformer and sometimes AoE. If I want to find a mana generator, the spell effect search works fine for that. Searching “Support” finds all kinds of effects I am not interested in.

What I’ve really been asking for is a Troop Quality filter, but quality is super subjective and I don’t want you guys to decide what is high quality. Everyone has their own metrics and standards, which is why I still want a feature that allows us to “favorite” things.

If you really wanted to go nuts, you could allow us too make our own tags that we could filter on which would be especially great if you could tag troops with multiple tags. I know you guys like money, so you could give people 3 custom tags to start and then sell packs that unlock more custom tag slots.

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While I can find most things easily enough with the current system, I find it very annoying when I’m looking for a specific effect, but inconsistent wording makes filtering impossible.
The same effect might be called kill, assisinate, “deal lethal damage” or “that enemy dies”. (I haven’t run through the database to check each option)
Or when I’m looking for ways to add more yellow to the board one spell might read “Convert all [color] gems to yellow” another “Double the number of yellow gems” and another still “Create x yellow gems”. Needless to say that filtering for “yellow” gives me too many results, but expanding the phrase is too limiting.

2 games which have tackled this problem quite well are magic the gathering, where cards might end up with long texts but the wording is always consistent (barring new keywords and revisions), and guild wars which has the concise skill descriptions option which removes flavor to show exact effects.