Feature Request: Favorites for Troops


Request: A way to ‘star’ or ‘heart’ a troop and filter to either show only favorites or sort favorites to top.

Reasoning: There are a ton of troops in the game and the list just gets longer and longer. Let’s just admit that not all of these troops are top-tier. Some troops, like bounty troops, are very low power level and you would never put them in anything except a bounty team. Often I’m faced with building a new team for a delve or daily task and it would be nice if I didn’t have to scan through all the OK cards to find the great ones I want to build my team around.

Why Now: I used to only level up my favorite troops to 19 or 20, and all the non-blessed troops I’d leave at 18. That way I could sort by level to find my MVP’s. With the old kingdom leveling requirements, a few points missing from under leveled troops was not enough to matter, but with the new kingdoms requirements, some ask for X number of troops to be leveled to 20 and my old work around no longer works.



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The features in troop filtering are already pretty powerful but with so many troops and weapons, it’s not always enough and a favorites or star would help.

Even better would be something like tagging. For example I would like to tag some weapons and troops with “Scales” if damage scales with enemy stats (like Mang or Tesla), some with “ManaGen” (like Urskayan Crown or Alchemist), and some with “Loop” (like Divine Protector or Alchemist). For this week’s Tower, I might search blue troops and weapons with “Scales”, then with “ManaGen”, then with “Defense”.

If tagging isn’t feasible, then different colored (or shaped) stars would allow most of the above. I don’t really need to give Alchemist two different stars.