I really hope the Campaign tasks for the 50 stars isn't going to be every week the same

It is very sad to see that the same 25 PVP battles task for the second week in a row for the ‘Revised’ Campaign for the 50 stars.

Not only is it a PIA (PVP is my second dislike where Arena is my first) of the game.
And to add insult to injury it’s now 500 gems to not do it.
You get rid of re-roll, you take away the different tasks and you up the price to ‘complete’ the task.

Let’s see the reworks of , Explore, Dungeon, Trials and now Campaign, continue to take away the what little fun I have with this game.



Going forward, if it IS going to be a single task (per tier) for the entire week then I would actually like some ability to select which task that is. Say, have six unique tasks rolled for the week (two per tier) and the player selects which task for each tier they want to do.

For example, I’m not a PVP sort either, so I used to have to reroll/skip basically every PVP task that came along (Dominator / Glory Hound).

Part of the fun of the prior task design was that it gave you a wider variety of things to actually DO, and several objectives were themed to match the weekly event.


The “trick” to these current pvp tasks is to do them in Casual PvP on the left most battle before reaching Rank 1 in Ranked PvP for the week. The left side is usually much weaker teams not using meta teams. Best of all, if you don’t like what you see in Casual PvP, just reroll it for 50 gold.

Not worth 500 gems to skip.


It’s pretty annoying that rerolls were taken away. I don’t like pvp and while it’s perfectly easy for me to get 25 wins, I simply do not find it enjoyable. It was nice just rerolling to what you wanted and getting the tasks done passively while doing other things.


Thank you for this. I did not know that it would count.


this is the post i was lookin for lol. yeah, theyve definitely made the campaign pass somethin ive stopped buyin. bought the elite pass right away instinctively. they wanna take away reroll, ill take away the $25 every 10 weeks. then shorten the kimgdom pass event, ill keep that $7 too now. lol and yeah, just takin explore to 15, ive seen dozens of players beg for. never once asked for starry pets. then of banners, we still need a hundred color combos or so… they just do the opposite of what anyone wants. their goal is to sink this ship.