Some of us like to run Campaign on re-rolls this is a solution to all the necessary manual rerolls

Please invent a window people can check/uncheck. When it is checked there will always be one automatic reroll for the given task after the task has been collected.

You would still have to go back to the campaign task page to finish the previous task and collect the reward, so it wouldn’t really save you any time.
Plus, this would also automatically reroll a ‘kill X red enemies’ to ‘kill even more red enemies’.


going back to the campaign page every time you finish a task is so annoying. First click to open the Campaign tab, 2nd to Campaign page, 3rd to the Tasks tab, 4th to the finished task. And everytime we have to go through the useless Overview tab too


Yeah, there is some great potential here one way or another to make it a lot more fluid.

Idea: If a task is complete, clicking the “Campaign” tab takes you straight to the Tasks page instead of the Overview tab? That would be one less click…

I feel like making you click it when its done is like an artificial padding of sorts. They are hoping you dont realize you are done and keep going in that explore or pvp or whatever when you could be on to the next one. Its really stupid that you even have to go check and complete a task when its done already. Its kind of like only letting us open so many chaos shards or making us change global medals for every team.

Little things they could easily fix to make the game more convenient but…nah