Glory task in Campaign needs to be tweaked

Look, I’m sure I don’t need to go into why I don’t want to touch PvP. My level is nearly 1200 which should say enough by itself. I have the exact same issues as everyone else with it, I’m sure that doesn’t need repeated. I much preferred the older system.

Anyway, the campaign task states “Earn Glory from any battle (except training)” except it doesn’t count anything but PvP (and maybe Underspire? I don’t do that enough at the moment to know.)

Considering slot machines probably have more fair RNG systems than the dragon eggs, you can see why I do not want to spend gems to skip it. Even just making it so gnome drops count! At least then we know and in the worst case, can save a Gnome-A-Palooza in advance. Or even treasure maps which would give them an actual use when you’re a higher level. Nothing will put me off this game more than forced into that broken PvP system.

I was buying the pass upgrade too but I haven’t since PvP changed, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


Underspire does count. You get 2 glory per battle, so it’ll take 50 battles. You get 35 free. You’ll need to purchase 3 torch packs. 150 gems if you spread them out on different days.

Edit: if enough sentinels drop torches, this can be reduced.

Edit 2: my math was a failure. You get 49 free per week. 1 sentinel dropping torches or 1 purchase of torches would be enough.

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The problem with using Underspire is that you’ll need to wait the entire week to complete the week’s campaign. If you want the artifact bonus at the start of the week, you have no options other than grind PVP for the glory. They need to create another source, not exactly easy, but accessible.

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I agree. I think all forms of glory should be counted, no matter the origin (except training, whatever that means now that there’s no casual PVP). The OP was unsure about underspire, a question I could answer.

Edit: This is especially true because the last time the devs updated campaigns, they stated their goal was to make campaign tasks easier to accomplish by just playing the game. That you shouldn’t need to go to any specific game mode to complete a task. Well, glory tasks are not easy to “just play and complete,” with the new PVP system.


They just need to make it so that the glory rooms in Delves work for it, and the task should be fine.


49 free battles (7 free per day, +5 per paid). +1 free Torch means 50 battles for 100 Glory, task complete. Still, I’d hate to see it show up on week 10…

You’re right. My math failed me. I don’t know how I came up with 35…