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I need more gold than Trinidad James!

So here I am back in a really cool guild, and suddenly I get a bunch of weekly requirements. Nothing to big, I thought to myself…until I realized I’ve never even had 250K gold on me ever while playing this game…not all at once anyway. Forget each week!

Still, it’s not that big a deal, I just have to grind out that gold! Welp, I try doing that to the best of my knowledge, and it seems very inefficient how I’m going about it.

STILL, no big deal, right? I’ll just look on here for some tips and…all of them are outdated, ranging from the middle to the beginning of last year, most of them with Valkyrie in the line up to get souls…which she obviously doesn’t do anymore.

YET STILL not a big deal, right? I’ll just google some guides or search them up on YouTube and…all those results are either outdated or there just are none, and most of the links take me back to the posts here I already read…which are outdated.

SO, with all that out of the way, what kind of team would you recommend for gold farming, and is battling even the best way? Should I do explore, PvP, or just keep hitting the Treasure Maps?


First get all your kingdoms level 10 and then try get them to 3 or 5 star this will help a lot with tribute also make sure to collect your tribute hourly as it can really add up.


I agree 100% with Ghaleon - investing in your kingdoms has the best long-term return since it is completely passive income. And collect tribute as often as you can. If you get one or two extra collections per day, it could mean 10’s of thousands of extra gold per week depending on how advanced your kingdoms are.

Beyond that, PVP is the best way to earn gold. Don’t waste time building a team around supposed gold collectors (like Alchemist or Dwarven Miner) or focusing on using weekly bonus troops when the weekly event has a gold bonus (which this week doesn’t). You want to win PVP battles as quickly as you can to maximize your earnings, so use a strong team that will win against most anything or use a variety of tailored teams to battle the different types of PVP teams that you see regularly. Make sure you have Dragon Armor or Deathknight armor to get the 100% gold bonus. Some people swear by casual PVP since you can choose a new option for just 50 gold to find an easier target and get more wins quickly. I find I generally do just as well plowing through ranked PVP where I also get more glory.


Casual PvP has 20% lower payouts gold payouts for the same exact teams you would face in ranked, as well as less glory and trophies. Wouldn’t recommend this unless you really have trouble with certain teams and need to skip them. Just picking the one or two trophy options and quickly clearing them to refresh your options in Ranked gives you far more rewards long term.


A solid PvP team and consecutive victories is the quickest way. Ranked battles net 2k to 4k per victory on average not counting guild bonuses. At 100 victories or so a week that requirement is pretty easy. Team suggestions are all over but the meta is easy to find based on the better teams. A good place to start is a Looper team, goblins are good at this, particularly nobend, fizzbang, Grapplepot, add queen mab for freezing on 4+ matches with frozen banner. You’ll trigger fitzbang often so her nerf doesn’t hurt much, grapplepot hits all enemies and gets devastating when fitzbang ups her magic. Mab’ s ability is just as harsh allowing a solid team

I’ve found it’s all about speed. If a battle is taking too long I just retreat I do the same if a key troop dies like with Forest Troll/3x Kraken as soon as Forest Troll dies I usually just retreat I probably could win but it would take a lot longer and in that time I could have won 2 battles. I get 50+ losses a week but I have never donated less than a million gold in my current guild and the last couple of weeks I have been doing 2.3 million a week.

What?! 2.3m??? I struggle just to get enough to build up my kingdoms to level 10, it takes me a week to do one kingdom :slightly_frowning_face:
And I have Celestial Armour on so I get good bonusses but donating minimum 6000 a day to Guild and trying to get a kingdom to level 10… eish :sweat:

When you get all kingdoms to level 10, a lot to 7*, a good guild and a few really fast teams gold is pretty easy to get. My other account is level 100 and I find it really hard to get a decent amount of gold that account only has magic and attack kingdoms to level 10.

Also I use dragon armor for pvp it gives more gold.

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Celestial Armor gets you more souls than gold bonus, you might want to switch to the Dragon Armor for gold farming.

PVP with Dragon Armor.
Lots of PVP with Dragon Armor.
For the 250k gold req… that sounds about 20-30 PvP a day (with Dragon Armor).
Good luck!

Mine team of Great Maw(1/3)/Sheggra(3/3)/Infernal King(1/3)/Mercy(3/3) is one of the best and fast team for gold farm in pvp. Fighting always with 9000+ teams and with 8/10 win perfomance.Screenshot_2017-09-13-12-33-47Screenshot_2017-09-13-12-36-04

pvp gives most gold, farming it with any team you can make

this was/is very old recommendation that never got outdated

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Clearly ForsakenM is not a high-end player yet. So all these suggestions are pretty mood. All kingdoms to 10? Yeah that will take him/her a couple weeks, if not months to achieve. Use a certain OP team (fully traited no less)? Yeah again weeks, if not months.

From what I am reading ForsakenM is perhaps in the wrong guild. Either the guild has to give room to level kingdoms first, before demanding 250k tribute, or he/she has to look for a guild with different requirements.

But yes… Once you have your kingdoms at level 10, and some at 3-5 stars (where double tributes start to kick in), when you can seriously compete in guild wars and rather easily win streaks of pvp battles, the gold will start rolling in. At that point 250-350k a week is not all that hard. But right now, it’s probably impossible (and still progress your kingdoms as well).

Thanks… saw that now. Going to get myself some Dragon Armour

This is a great combo. I actually have all those cards but never thought of that combination. I have my hero, War, Archer, Kraken… best rating I have a 6100 though :thinking:

Rating does not always value your team right. A lot of value comes from traits, and some cards do perfectly well without them. But sure, the more is usually the better.

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I see… I usually play very different types of games, but for some reason I really like this. Level 230 or something and I am still figuring the game out and trying to see how to get the best team…

I have decided to change strategy. I only have 1 5star kingdom so now I am farming souls! Need to upgrade my kingdoms which will make me stronger and earn more gold. Problem is that the most I farm from a single game is 296 with all my bonusses… is there a combo of cards which will allow me to get more per match?

You should be making much much more gold in pvp.

If you want Gold and Soul at the same time, then you’ll need Soul build teams for PvP.
I don’t know what you have for PvP, but you should try to save 2 spots for Valkyrie and Mercy.

Valkyrie creates Blue, which can fill Mercy, and Mercy can create Yellow, which can fill Valkyrie.
This creates a very good synergy loop, and works especially well if you have Mercy at 3 traits.
By the end of a PvP battle with these two, you can usually net a good amount of Soul as well from Valkyrie in the process.