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Need advice lv175+

I recently hit lv175 and been slowly trying my best to build my teams up. Sadly I dont have many duplicates to make my cards stronger. Anyways I am running into a problem where I am finding it hard to make gold via pvp battles like I use to. Almost every single battle is against insane teams that really just completely over power me. Has anyone encountered this wall where making gold got hard? Should I just do explore and nothing else for money or are there other options?

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There could be a few things going on.

First, what is your guild situation? Are you in a guild with a good number of active players that are contributing gold and completing a number of guild tasks every week? This is the best source of glory and gem keys to help you build up your deck. Of course, being in an active guild also means contributing gold to those tasks (which gets us back to your original question), but you should find the return more than worthwhile.

Second, you may find it worthwhile to grind your way to PVP Tier 1 early in the week, then consider switching to Casual PVP. In Casual, you can refresh your opponent choices for just 50 gold (rather than using Gems like you would need to in ranked PVP). While you are spending some gold, you can pick and choose opponents much more easily this way and should be able to avoid some of the more difficult and frustrating defense teams.

Third, there are some play-styles that are more effective than others. One popular way to take on very powerful teams is to use a deck that “loops”, meaning that once you are able to fill one key troop with mana, you can control the board in such a way that the opponent will usually not get another turn. A combination like Hellcat, Alchemist, Goblin Rocket, Goblin Rocket doesn’t need any traits and can beat any team that doesn’t have Queen Mab or other troops that can easily freeze you. If you’d like more information about how looping works, just let me know and I can expand or refer you to an explanation elsewhere.

Fourth, and maybe this should have been first - what are you spending your gold on and why do you feel that you need more than you’re making? Your focus with the gold that you generate should mainly be on levelling up your kingdoms, then contributing a reasonable amount to your guild. Once you get your kingdoms up to reasonable levels, you’ll start to generate a significant amount of gold just from collecting tribute as often as you can.


The guild I am in is pretty solid and luckily been getting a decent amount of keys from it. In regards to looping teams I have a hellcat and 1 alchemist I dont have any goblin rockets i just checked. My gold I been spending it on kingdoms most are level 4 with some that are on lv6.

I guess for now I will try casual like you said or look into some looping teams and see if i have the cards to make it work. Thanks!


With Hellcat and Alchemist, any troops that use Red and Yellow mana are good, but Goblin Rocket is great because it can do damage and then get an extra turn so that you can continue looping. Most other troops will give a turn back to the opponent, which isn’t what you want to do. Even with just those two, Hellcat will eventually kill everyone with his damage and falling skulls from cascades (it’s just that can be painfully slow).

If you can provide a list of your Mythic and Legendary troops, we might be able to come up with a lineup that will punch above its weight.

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Have you completed all the quests yet? If no, this will boost your gold income and unlock some Troops for you as well.

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@Stan’s comments are all great, but I’ll just add that the level 200 wall is real. From around level 200, you’re going to start facing end-gamers in PvP.

The good news is that PvP only gets easier from this point as you get more cards powered up.


I’d heard of the level 200 wall, but was surprised to hear that he was hitting it at 175. It’s been so long since I was there, and the game is so different now, it’s hard to know what it would really be like.


It’s been a long time for me too, and level 175 does sound a bit early.

However, these forum queries around level 200 continue at a steady pace so I’ve got no evidence to suggest the level 200 wall phenomenon has changed much.


I’m at the 1,200 wall, same old 3 t garbage. Glad that explores are fun again looking for those gnomes. 1 vault key so far this week. Try getting a quick team and just blast through this way.

Most important:
Do NOT put your best team as defense.
Your opponent « score value » is paired with your defense.
So put a weak defense of Iow level troops, you should get less crazy opponents

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Ah I wasn’t aware of putting a low team for my defense i will try that. Also I checked out rock worm and deep borer loop team from a video online and currently farming souls to try it out since I do have these cards.

I did test out casual pvp instead of ranked and found it a bit easier but not by much. I think my main problem is I now have to focus on slowly getting cards and doing more pve and less pvp.

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So did you finish all quests?? That is the first step in the right direction.

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“The Wall” near lvl200

There have been one or two posts belittling &/or denying its existence (and in Global chat).
However its real, the good news is once you can get past it things will be smooth sailing from then on.

Control (looping is one form) or Devour teams will aid you greatly in taking down vastly superior enemies. Do a bit of searching on those 2 types, and find some that will work with your personal troop collection.

If you try, I can guarantee you will get through it. It can be surprising to new players because the game is so easy up until that point.

Good Luck.

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@ Santandrix need 6 more kingdoms to complete all the quest

This will help you out too if you finish it, easy and quick, a good way to learn the Troops and their mechanics. Put it on easy and blast through it. Good luck on you adventure through gems of war.
You never know, you might just find a few gnomes.

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In a looping team with Alchemist and Hellcat you can use many different troops besides Goblin Rockets. My favourite version is Mercy/Alchemist/Hellcat/Gard’s Avatar but there are many, many more. Queen Titania and Queen Grapplepot together on two last slots can do crazy amount of dmg without breaking the loop. Banshee does dmg and converts blue to red so she can also be used without breaking the loop. The same goes for Forest Guardian, Sekhma, Infernal King and Yao Guai. Nobend Brothers, Hobgoblin and Wisp get an unconditional extra turn after move so they can also loop infinitely with the Alchemist and Hellcat. I used to use also Bonnie Rose bc she one-shot enemies back when the max stats were not as high (a few kingdoms ago :wink:). Now she is less useful but still can make about 75-80 dmg per shot.

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Hell cat alchemist is my favorite loopers, this week I use Infernus and forest guardian as the cleanup. This team plows through most anything unless Infernus’s storm sets up the enemies dragon. Ughh, I don’t know if I like his storm trait.

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I traited Infernus thinking it will make the matches go faster, and it did… they just go fast either way, win or loose :wink:

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He is my favorite troop by far but his storms have costed me a few matches if they have a exploders too.

I’m on a mission to make him my most used troop. Only 3,000 more uses to go to replace mab, Valkyrie and justice.

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People are throwing out some looping team suggestions which rely on mythic and legendary troops which, unless you say otherwise, I’m assuming you don’t have.

One other possibility which might be achievable to build this week is:
Green Seer
Giant Spider
Kraken (or another Green/Purple troop)

The key here is to get the third trait on Kraken, which does 3 damage to every enemy troop every time you make a 4 or 5 match. With 2 traited Krakens, you do 6 damage to all troops every time you loop.

The reason I say this team might be achievable this week is that Kraken can be crafted in the Soulforge this week for 800 diamonds. Normally, I’d say save your diamonds for a mythic, but this might be one time that spending on a Legendary would be worthwhile. Also, the Arcane traitstones that you would need to forge Kraken’s traits are available for glory in the main shop this week. So, if you have some diamonds saved up from doing daily dungeons, and some glory saved up (or are willing to spend a few hours exploring in Zhul’Kari or Bright Forest), you could potentially build this team which can loop any non-Mab team to death in PVP.

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