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What new guild members ask about the most :) (fast newbie faq)


  1. treasure hunt is a really good way to get glory, gold, and gems. (more than
    pvp early game)
    a. it will not push up your level too early. i try to do between 30 and 45
    moves. this makes them fast but still worth it.
    b. try for green chests not red or vaults
    c. match 4’s and 5’s at the top - try not to get more than 1 of the 4 or 5
    in each move - the extra moves dont stack.

  2. armor
    a. save for the spider armor first - it does not give exp bonus and so you
    can keep the low level advantage and since you are now in a guild that gets
    LOTS OF KEYs, you can level up troops and be the "big dog"
    b. after about lvl 200 - you want the celestial and dragon armor - yes
    depending on what you want you will be swapping back and forth. if your kingdom
    are not maxed, go for dragon first, then celestial. if your kingdoms are maxed
    then go for celestial to help with souls/stars.

*** extra questions about why lvling up may not be a good thing:
so i mentioned here that leveling up may not be a great thing - until you reach lvl 200, you will be paired with easier matches as well as easier quest teams (lower level, less traits, sometimes even easier troops). You will get more stats from kingdoms that from leveling up for a while. after you hit lvl 200, full exp is good. at about lvl 100 or so (if you have been traiting and lvling up 1 or 2 teams - you will be able to fight the big boys (100+ more lvls than you - netting a lot of gold)

  1. tributes and gold -
    a. try every hour, tribute chances are based on each time, it doesn’t help
    to save up lots of hours and get 1 big bonus.
    b. those quests are worth 575 gold a day.
    c. as a home kingdom: whitehelm gives 20 glory base, wild plains and forest
    of thorns give 16 so pick one of the three for your home town for a glory
    advantage. Later game - (after 1 gold star) - you get double that.

  2. kingdom to lvl 10 basics -
    a. try to get all the kingdoms to lvl 3, then get 1 or 2 to lvl 10, then
    the rest to 5, then the rest of the magic kingdoms, then the last to 10.
    b. magic kingdoms: get darkstone, blighted lands, zhulkari, and karakoth
    to lvl 10 first - they are the magic kingdoms
    c. to do attack or health next - if your main attack team is based on
    spell looping - you want health, if your team is all about the skulls - you
    want attack. last will be the armor.

  3. Traitstones:
    you will need minor & major early game- right now most pvp will get you yellow
    and you will find you have a shortage of red. later game you will need a bunch
    of runics and arcanes.
    a. pvp and quests are a good way to get minors and majors
    b. for runics and arcane you need to “explore”. to get explore, you will
    need to finish the quests. Runics will be hardest to start. you can get them
    easiest at the mono-color areas. blue = stormheim, brown = kheziel, green =
    forest of thorns, purple = karakoth, red = pridelands, and yellow = whitehelm.

  4. what to do with GLORY or those WINGS!
    glory is mentioned a bunch here. the best use of glory is to get the weekly troop
    packs. EVERY TIME! Even if the troop sucks - get at least 1, though As many
    as you can afford is better! they can have hard to get arcanes, minors, runics,
    and troops as well. The troops are freebee (no keys needed), you get 5000 gold,
    which goes along way to helping level those kingdoms, and you get some
    gold keys (how you will get commons ascended before lots of tribute rolls in).

Hope this helps as a FAST FAQ :slight_smile:


nicely written, I got this info after asking around and reading up here and there.

bumpity bumpity

Really great beginners guide definitely

Would have helped me when I first started :slight_smile:

Nice post, btw.

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Why we no make this a sticky post!

Nice guide, I think u meant wings ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to make this. Very helpful. :slight_smile:

just dropping, with new week starting :slight_smile:

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Great post!

I have one thing to add. I don’t think this is a universal opinion, but I think you should hold off on challenges as much as you can until you get your Celestial armor. Challenges are so easy, and that 100% boost to souls is huge. Do just enough challenges to get a good team together, and then wait for the payoff.

Anyway, that’s what I did, and I wouldn’t do it differently.

i did the first 4 of each challenege then waited for the big one :slight_smile: just by moving difficulty to hard you get a bonus as well :slight_smile:

Great post! Thanks
One question…how do you try the tributes each hour? I thought they were automatic.

Could you elaborate?:confused:

You can get tributes when you collect gold from your home kingdom. You can get that after 1 hour. So trying to get them as close to one hour as possible will increase how many tributes per day you get.

Got it. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Little more advice that would have been good to know:

1: Join a guild, it helps even if it only has 1 other people. Better to have a guild with more people, and when those people are playing and contributing too, but just being in a guild gives you bonuses you wouldn’t get otherwise and you can buy gems and keys with your gold.

-Check if you are trying to enter a guild with high level players who require high amount of gold to let you be in their club. Early on you need your gold for your kingdoms and won’t earn much anyways, so they might kick you out. You won’t get a refund for what you spent.

-Also remember that donating just a few hundred is not going to help much unless you keep doing it, the cost of guild tasks starts at few thousand and goes up later. However, guild tasks are usually better use of your gold than buying chests.

2: Finish Broken Spire ASAP top get Warlord class, then keep doing quests to get all the free troops and every class.

-Remember to equip a class once you get it.

-Each class gives you a weapon once you get 250 victories while that class. Your hero does not need to be in the active team for it to count. Remember to switch classes so you get all weapons.

3: Basic, but remember to check what the board would look like after you move a gem BEFORE you make that move. The hints always suggest some move that sets up a new match, which might help in treasure hunt but you don’t want to help the AI.

-The AI and hints usually don’t get moves that drop gems so they match. Make use of this.

4: Valkyrie and treasure hunt are the best ways to farm souls. Once you get some, focus on any troops you want to use in your offense and defense teams and Tyri, Valkyrie and Alchemist for farming. Rest of the farming team does not need to be as high level, as you get the souls etc. even if you lose.

-Once you can spare the souls, level the troops of the kingdom you have most troops from, lowest level first. That way you get most power points for the kingdom for least amount of souls.

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Thanks for this guide, Kzintiwife. This really should be stickied.

My question concerns guilds and trophy requirements, not the gold requirements (which I fully understand now).

I see the bragging and all that goes on among the top guilds and enjoy reading the friendly rivalry chats and posts, but are there any advantages awarded to a guild after it reaches the maximum daily reward? Do guilds in the top 10 get a larger daily bonus from the game than one ranked at 50, or 500? For individual players who climb tiers, yes more loot, glory, etc. But why does a guild work so hard weekly to achieve or remain at top levels, other than for the bragging rights, lol?

Well, the guild page has League button that shows what rank your guild is and how much bonus daily gold the members get. For example, for boihazard bees the page reads:

“Your current league: Platinum I Promotion: 3000 Trophies Demotion: 2500 Trophies Daily Bonus: +60% Gold”

Note the Demotion part, that means you can go down in rank too. I think(not sure) it’s if you lose members but I also heard that’s not true, so no idea currently.

As for being top of the list with most trophies, I haven’t heard it does anything but enhance your e-peen, or so the people in the guild probably think.
(Spoiler: E-peens are imaginary and nobody cares about that thing you are bragging about. /Spoiler)

(BTW, boihazard bees currently has four open spots and no requirements beyond being in the game.)

Ok. The daily bonus is that to which I had been referring. :smile: So +100% Gold for maximum rank “Champion” would be the same for every guild at max rank then. Thanks.

I’m not real competitive so trophies don’t mean much for me. But it is a way to gauge how active a Guild might be. More trophies usually means more pvp. More pvp usually means more gold contributions.

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In the old days you lost trophies (like 3) if you lost a pvp match. It was possible to lose your 100% guild gold if your guild lost too many times. Now we have 3 options and its not really an issue for a guild with active players that dont lose much.