What's the best way to get gold for a beginner?

I’m a beginner. I want to start playing PvP but I’m afraid to drop all that gold just to lose and not be able to play any more.

PvP is the most reliable way to make money. You can always use the scouting option to see whether or not your opponent has a team you can take on (or if you need to switch your line-up to counter theirs), and you can always skip someone (for instance if you’re afraid of their levels or if you’re targeting a specific kingdom). Armour bonus are taken into account too, so don’t forget to equip your hero with it if needed.
When I started out, I would only attack people if the battle fee wasn’t too high, so I would always have enough for a second invade if the first one didn’t work out. But know that the higher the fee, the bigger the payout.

I wouldn’t go in PvP as long as I can keep playing the story / challenges.
(Challenges where easier in my time though, so maybe you won’t play through all the challenges difficulties yet)

Once you don’t have any story / new challenge available (and you lack gold to unlock a new Kingdom), then you can proceed to PvP.
Don’t worry about loosing all gold : your home kingdom will generate gold every where (the more Kingdoms you have, the more it will generate. Upgrading the level of your kingdoms also helps but the fee are quite high and you should focus your money on unlocking all kingdoms for now).

However, I would most certainly try to avoid loosing all gold. Playing the card “Alchemist” also allows you to generate golds during figths (and don’t you underestimate Alchemist’s until you try it !).

Try joining a guild, it will improve your daily rewards for logging in (log in every day to get the highest reward every day).

This should be enough advices for now :slight_smile:

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If you have the gems, buy the dragon armor. That’s a smart “investment”.

Any good guilds? I’m planning on playing this game fairly frequently, but I won’t be able to spend a lot of money on it.

Check the forum, there are often guild recruiting.
The top guild will require steep contribution and there is often a waiting list.
But many good guild will take serious beginners.

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Early game just use maps for safe money gathering and login daily so you can afford them.

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Don’t be afraid to try a little PvP. Stick with people near your level. If the level seems too crazy just hit Try Another for 10 gold. You can also manage your ante this way. Too steep, try another and see if you can get a better match.

Don’t waste money on scouting unless you have multiple PvP decks. At low levels it is a high price and if you would take the same team in regardless what’s the point? Later on once you have more teams, or you know specifically which teams to be afraid of scouting can be more effective.

Sammy’s advice of a gold bumping armor is great as well. I think the lowest tier is dwarven which can help while you build for the top end dragon armor.

Also once you get comfortable playing you can set your difficulty to Hard. The only thing it changes is disabling the combo breaker putting gem drops back to random. In exchange you get a minor resource earned bump.

You are welcome to give us a try. No donation requirements and some helpful people to answer questions. We don’t crank out as many resources as a top level guild, but we also won’t mind if you don’t donate much gold. We have the 100% daily login bonus and +11 to all masteries. If you are interested, just drop me a message or a reply here. Guild name is Immortal Legion.