I just got my first two mythics! Help me build some teams

My collection is here.

So, I got Mistralus and whilst fishing for Divinia per some teambuilding advice from Razzagor I also picked up Elemaugrim. The team he recommended to me (Dwarven Gate - Divinia - Death Knell - Mistralus) is doing well, but also per his suggestion I’d like to find out what else I can do with what I currently have.

Advice for builds specific to any gamemode would help, but teambuilding advice for PvP and Events would be especially useful.

Elemaugrim is okay, but he ain’t what he used to be. He really needs Infernus to shine. You might have some fun with this:

Mountain Crusher (Titan)
King Gobtruffle


Elemaugrim can be used with the Fiend Fire hero weapon for reduced (but sometimes better) effect.

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This same team with Mistralus instead of Elemaugrim is probably more generally effective. Mountain Crusher/Mistralus is a great combo, and you can piggyback Gobtruffle or Queen Beetrix onto that. Can’t personally speak to using Alderfather here, I’d normally use an empowered to kick off the chain… or something to loop back into Gobtruffle/Queen Bee, but then it just becomes “their” team rather than a Misty team.

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Mistralus can do a lot of damage and is probably safe to level up (I see her being useful in late-game as I am already using her myself)… which on inspection I see you’ve done already, moving on.

For mythics - with their relatively high costing spells - your best bet at lower levels may be to use a dedicated gem transformer like Apothecary or Valkyrie. Better yet, just slot her into a looping team made of such troops - something like Alchemist + Hellcat works nicely, as you may have discovered.

Elemaugrim is cool but definitely not used often, and really does need Infernus or another easy burn source.

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This one clicked for me. That team with Elemaugrim is fun, but sticking Misty in there instead is both fast and effective. Thanks for the input.

Thanks for the advice from everyone, at that. I’ll look into getting Infernus since he’s generally considered a high-tier mythic anyway.

While it’s not about any specific team I feel you should craft Trickster Shot, it’s available on Soulforge this week.

It’s one of the best weapons in the game for high level/endgame content. Without any single bad upgrade. If you have enough resources, even if you convert shards, you should craft it in my opinion.


Thanks for the heads up!

I might have enough before the end of the week. I’ll definitely try to craft it.

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And whatever good team you build based on above suggestions, make sure to trait those troops. I am pretty sure many of the suggestions are based assuming the troops are traited.

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