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I just found a guild that got destroyed by some sort of disaster (The Day of 117)

I just randomly joined some guilds just to see their chat log :))
And found this guild with 29/30 members with none of them are active.

And this is kind of spooky if just you notice one thing about them…



Anyone notice THAT SPOOKY thing?
Also please do tell me if this is kind of call out thread… All of them already “dead” tho.


Also, -2 trophies, blast from the past xD

What? rofl didn’t saw that. I left the guild right away because I’m scared that i’ll become one of them…

you will have to explain it.

Wow, that is definitely kind of creepy. Also, some of them never gave any gold to the guild; very strange.

Side note: I’m surprised the Devs don’t automatically remove dead guilds after a certain amount of time (or maybe they do and it’s just longer than 117 days)

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I’ve been through some dead guilds and I am very curious because plenty of players has their last active time at 117 days a go (from the time this thread created).

I guess it was the time when 2.1 goes live.


Yeah I suggested this in the QOL thread. Would clean the leaderboard up and would prevent newer players from joining inactive guilds.

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I guess it’s because when 2.1 goes live and many players lost their details to login.
I heard about that thing because I joined the game after the 2.1 update.

117 days ago is June 29th, not sure anything happened game wise that day to trigger this. 2.0.1 wasn’t until mid July.

edit: Unless due to seasonal differences Australia starts Day 0 as July 1 instead of Jan 1. If so, and “last login” was set to -1 during an update, it would flag any account that hadn’t logged in since as their last log in being July 1 - 1 = June 30, which would line up with 117 days ago (with rounding for partial days)

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