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Level 784, looking for a new guild

Hi there, until yesterday i was a memeber of anonymous, then someone must have dropped me out, and i don’t even know why after about 1000 hours of gaming…

however, i’m still alive and looking for an active guild, is there any good, and acrive one?

Hi. We have talked a lot about the new requirements in the guild chat this summer and it seemed to me they were clear for everyone.
You didn’t meet those requirements these last weeks and didn’t give us any information. I asked in the guild chat if you were busy or on vacation and I sent you a PM here. You never answered. So…
Feel free to send me a PM if you want to discuss about it.

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Would you like to join mine?

Realm of the Undead
Very active guild
Level 371 and climbing
Not the level you are used to but if interested happy to answer any questions you might have.
One spot open.
Mariana, GM

Nobody knew what was going on, just a quick check in would have been enough :). I hope you and Aelthwyn can sort it out.

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it was my fault, then.
I’ve been working hard and still going to, so if there are standards to meet, i could be unable to stay in that guld also in the future.
I admit i didn’t check any chat, or pm, and i wasn’t aware of those requirements. It’s just been a surprise.

which is yours?

your guild is fine with me, but i can’t remeber how it works. can you invite me through the game?

thank you, but it’s just a game, a very good and addicting one, but stil just a game, so there is nothing to sort out, i was just wondering what happened :wink:

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What is your invite code?
Would be great to have you join us.

Invite sent

nothing arrived…
just to be sure, my invitation code is

Will check again

After dhjl quit the game, we had to raise the requirements to 300 trophies per week to try to compensate for the loss.
I realise that it is not possible for everyone to devote so much time to GoW. It is just a game and real life is more important.
I wish you luck in your new guild.
If someday in the future you’d think you are able to meet our new requirements and wanted to join again, we would be glad to have you back.


Invite sent tbsasu

Sorry fbsasu
Welcome, I hope

Invite sent to correct user id this time

Tried adding you when I got your message, but you’re already in another guild

yep, sorry, mariangail arrived first :slight_smile:

what happened to dhjl? why did he quit the game?

No idea. He didn’t say much.
We suppose that after playing so much for so long and having achieved everything in the game he did a burnout.

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Yet, I asked you first lol