I hope all of your troops have Impervious. 😈


This team is a result of wanting to have all status effects active at once on an enemy troop. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include Hunter’s mark. The only feasible way to include marked was to use Chimera for both poison and entangle, which I don’t like that his attack isn’t targetable or first troop.

Instead, I went for troops that effect all enemies. With the exception of entangle, which is only useful on the first troop. The toughest choice was Webspinner or Shadow Dragon. I didn’t like how Shadow Dragon wiped yellows, as TSO and Dimetraxia both require them. Also, True damage didn’t seem to fit well with Burn as well as damage from Dimetraxia and Swamplash. I like the damage to all on Webspinner better, and the green generation helps feed Swamplash. The only downside is lack of purple.

Webspinner and TSO are both mostly fire and forget troops. Since poison is permanent, and TSO silences himself, they are both expendable after they cast. The most focus needs to be on Dimetraxia, who only has a 25% chance to cause burn. As enemies start to die, Swamplash becomes important to recast entangle on the next troop in line.

Bonus: Because I wouldn’t feel right not ending with a full Impervious team.


Looks like a team that would have to use more than 5 minutes per match to win, which sounds really bad (More than 3 minutes goes to the category of “God awful” perhabs?). Yes it looks good but I would never use it as it is right now. For fun, yay, for competitive, not yay.

Be sure to correct me if I’m on the wrong. :v:


You are correct; this will be one of my evil defense teams. The beauty is that since all the spells are to all enemies, the AI can’t screw it up (too much).


For defense could work, but it would take so much time to kill enemie units that your own are gonna get destroyed first by their skull makers! I guess you are gonna have to relie on your oponents not being really good at the game.


The first two are expendable for that reason, and entangle should help to keep them alive for a long while.


Okay, I can always be wrong, be sure to tell me how it goes, I would full trait and ascend mines if they are a good comp, am pretty sure some people are tired of my Goblins! :smiley: :v:


Want a team that last 5+ min in battles ?
Hangs tough against skull teams. But the freakin battles last 4ever lol


@Serale Speakin of goblins hehe and Wu@Haaaaaa
This team chews up goblin defence teams.
They start out with 32ATK and you chomp 1 goblin that doubles. Ive had as much as 100+ATK


Vs gobbos I use a similar combo:

Gob-Chomper *** (mythic, all traits)
Gob-Chomper ***
Acolyte *
Valkyrie ***

Gob-Chompers start with full mana so you can instantly cast and mostly eat a gobbo (gob rocket is a construct though), Acolyte’s Stone Link helps refill the Chompers, Valkyrie charges Acolyte and they both provide enough 4-5-matches to keep the Chompers alive if the fail to eat a gobbo on the first cast.

Hooray for scouting :wink:


My Gobbo killer team is:

Goblin Rocket
Star Gazer

…all maxed out, all traits…

Star Gazer buffs Gob-Chomper’s attack on turn one - with Marauder Slayer he can one-shot any Gobbo (apart from the Rocket) - and if a Devour lands his stats are even more scary.

Equip the Red/Purple banner - with Magic Link on Aziris and Fire Link on Rocket, any red or purple match charges Aziris for easy attacks on demand…


Met your Knight Coronet team - it actually did not last very long against my true damage team. Was fun to play tho instead of the endless true shot skully teams!
I use the same full trait anti gob team as @Jainus except with 2 chompers and no goblin rocket.


What Do you mean with “… for competitive…”? I assume u mean, that is not suitable for massgrinding/farming, but that has nothing to do with Competition.

Sadly, even in a casual game like this, many player just look for most OP teams. No offense, just imho.
Fortunatly, in GoW you are able to play a lot of different teams AND win with them. Its a huge difference to quite a lot of free2play games out there.


For competitive I refer to fast comps used to gain trophies and gold at the most optimal rate. Remember that “Competitive” not only refers to a competition (which theres one between guilds) but can also refer for “the best” of something. Or at least we use that term for that in my language. Perhabs in a sentence you could say: “The skull deck is very competitive, it takes less than a minute to win with it.” To refer how good it is. Also you can say: “Shrpy’s deck is just avarage as it takes almost 3 minutes to win a match with it.” :smiley:

I hope this all makes sence, its 4:39am. RIP my sleeping time. :v:


So in picking a team there’s a trade between all these factors (inter alia):

  1. winning quickly (under 1.5 mins is a PVP trophy hauling goal for sure)
  2. winning reliably (with minimal risk of losing)
  3. farming / increasing resources gained from the win (i.e. Valkyries R Us)
  4. changing to specifically counter an enemy team (undead killer, goblin chomping et al)
  5. having variety in the team and interesting / cool strategies to use (i.e. fun)

So I spent a month where I really needed souls running Skeleton/GreenSlime/Valkyrie/Keeper, which ticked points 1,2 and 3 here, and didn’t care about 4 as the overpowered Skeleton plus colours feeding it would steam roll any opponent team easily. But I paid a price on point 5 - that got old very quickly and one does like variety.

Now I’m less desperate for souls, so I mix it up and use a Chomper team, or an exploders team, or a SheggersHeartHobGob team, etc, which hit those 5 scores differently… But I’d define any of those teams as ‘good’ for different reasons… @Serale is using ‘competitive’ here to mean ticking points 1 and 2 the hardest…


I use

Specifically because it hits boxes 1-3 so well.

I really did used to care about variety, but resources are needed so bad all the time that I feel like in cheating myself if I don’t have the 2 necromancer traits.